Career, Work, and Job-Related Tutorials

Here’s where you can find professionally developed — and free — career and job-related tutorials published on the Quintessential Careers site… all designed to empower you and propel your career forward!

Business Plan Tutorial: Tools to Help You Launch Your Own Business

Empower yourself by learning how to create a detailed plan for your new business.

Career Branding Tutorial: Take Your Career to the Next Level

Designed to help you take your career to the next level… filled with insights, tips, and tools to assist you in the creation or refinement of your career brand.

Career Fair/Job Expo Tutorial

Created to empower both college students and job-seekers who are seeking to master the skills necessary to successfully attend and navigate career fairs and job expos.

College Planning Tutorial: Empowering College-Bound Students

Thinking about trying to find the ideal college for you can be daunting — but hopefully a little exciting, too! This 60+ page tutorial is designed to help you walk through all the important steps in choosing a college.

Conquering the Real World: A Guide for Achieving Success After College

Filled with insights, tips, and tools to assist new and recent college graduates in making a successful transition from college to career.

Cover Letter Tutorial

A comprehensive guide — more than 100 pages of information and examples — to writing dynamic cover letters that will get your resume read by prospective employers.

Finding Your Career Passion Tutorial

This free tutorial is all about self-discovery and life planning — uncovering your ideal career path — wherever you are in life, from student to post-retirement.

Get That Internship — and Excel in it! Tutorial

Internships are an essential part of career development in which college students can gain valuable work experience now demanded by employers by finding and succeeding in one or more internships. Learn how in our free tutorial.

Guides to Internet Job-Hunting

Ttwo excellent job-search guides — one for students (and entry-level job-seekers) and one for experienced job-seekers — to the best career and job-hunting sites on the Web, designed maximize your Internet job-hunting experience.

Informational Interviewing Tutorial

Informational interviews should be an integral part of your career networking and job-hunting plan, and this free tutorial is the place to learn all about what they are, how to conduct them — and how to get the most out of them.

Internet Networking Tutorial: A Guide to Getting Connected Online

A comprehensive guide to the many ways you can use the Internet to connect with people all over the world and help build your personal network of contacts for social, business, and career purposes.

Job Interview Tutorial

The perfect tool for job-seekers! Designed to help you become more knowledgeable about all aspects of job interviews, with more than 50 pages of helpful tips, suggestions, and expert advice — including answers to typical job interview questions.

Job Interviewing Tutorial for High School Students, Teen and Entry-Level Job-Seekers

A free tutorial, full of expert advice and strategies, designed to help teen and entry-level job-seekers become more knowledgeable about all aspects of job interviews — and thus, more successful in landing summer and part-time jobs.

Job Search 101 Tutorial

The ten things you need to know and do to land your first job — designed for college students and recent college grads, but the advice, tips, and resources in this tutorial can be used by all job-seekers to help polish your job-search skills.

The Quintessential Careers Career Journaling Tutorials

Choose one of three free tutorials, depending on your career situation. Where you can learn the power of journaling to get a new job, change your career, obtain graduate education, and otherwise propel your career.

Quintessential Careers Salary Negotiation Tutorial Quiz

Our salary negotiation tutorial by salary guru Jack Chapman will not only test your negotiating knowledge, but help you gain deeper insights so that you can obtain the salary you deserve.

Rebounding After a Layoff Tutorial: How to Successfully Re-Enter the Job Market After Being Fired, Downsized, or Laid Off

A free guide to recovery, reflection, and return to work for all job-seekers who have lost your jobs.

Resume and Resume Lite Tutorials

Two free resume tutorials, one for new job-seekers and one for more experienced job-seekers. So, whether you just need a tune-up or are looking for a comprehensive guide, we’ve got the resume tutorials that will help you produce a great resume that will help you land that job interivew.

Teen Job-Search Tutorial: Tools for High School Students

Free, no-cost job-search tutorial for high school students, providing key information about teen resumes and preparing for and succeeding in job interviews.

Working Abroad Tutorial: How to Find an International Job or Internship

A free tutorial developed to help college students and recent college grads finding employment — internships or jobs — overseas.

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