The Pros and Cons of Temping

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The temps and former temporary workers we talked to listed these pros and cons of temping for a living:

Pros of Temping
Cons of Temping
Variety. Occasionally treated as second-class employee; not treated the same as others in same job.
Exposure to new skills. You are not a real worker — not part of the company. You sit work there, but you are not part of any group.
Broad experience. Having to leave a job right after you get to really know the others you are working with.
Exposure to different industries. Lack of respect.
Meeting a vast array of people. Extremely boring work that no one else wants to do.
Working with with various level of management. Takes a long time to become eligible for benefits.
Learning about many different businesses and how different offices organize their files and duties regarding business procedures and policies. Sometimes thrown into work situations without guidance or clear instructions on what needs to be done.
Ease of introduction to respected companies. Fear and trepidation upon the first day of temping.
Working in some prestigious companies. Uncertainty of consistent work.
Work only when you want; good for meeting sporadic money needs or in between jobs. Insecurity of employment.
“Have learned more than any classroom can teach.” You are dispensable.
Your work is not important.

— Thanks to the temps and former temps who shared their pros and cons: Cynthia Cebuhar, Karen Hartman, Cecilia Hittle, Devorah Shoal, and Jacquelyn Ormsbee.

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