Helpful Job-Searching Hints for Teen Job-Seekers

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by Randall S. Hansen Ph.D.

Finding a summer job is a rite of passage for many teens and while some years it may easier to find a job than others the bottom line is that finding a job — even a summer job — takes planning effort and determination.

Here are some helpful hints for teens to help you find part-time work and/or summer jobs.

Always avoided your parent’s friends? Now’s the time to get to know them better. Networking — talking — with as many adults (family friends neigborhors etc.) as you can is best way to find a job any job. Learn more about the power of networking.

You thought school was over? Think again. Now is the time to learn all you need about job-hunting because it’s going to be harder than ever before to get a job. Learn more about job-hunting basics.

How’s your spelling and grammar? Better brush up. Take the time to prepare or update your resume — you’ll need it when you go on job interviews. Check out these resume resources and sample resumes.

Put away those short skirts and thrift-store clothes. When you talk with potential employers you need to dress your best and look professional not like you’re going on a date or lounging around the house. Learn how to dress for success.

Turn off the television or video games and hit the street. A good way to look for summer jobs is going to the human resources department or manager of as many stores and offices in your town. Dress professionally and bring lots of copies of your resume.

Thought you were done competing with your older siblings? Nope. Teens are being squeezed out of traditional jobs this summer as more experienced workers are forced to take whatever jobs they can find.

If you love the outdoors you may have better luck. As summer tourism picks up there will be jobs in water parks camps and other hospitality-related companies and organizations.

Love the Net? Then use it — to a point. There are a number of teen summer job and camp sites but don’t make this method your sole method of job-hunting. Check out these teen summer job sites.

No matter how bad it gets keep smiling. Studies show employers look for these things in teens: enthusiasm positive attitude hard-working friendly and on-time.

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