A Free Job-Seeker Sample Story-Based Cover Letter: #1

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Job-Seeker Sample Story-Based Cover Letter: #1

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Dear [specific named individual]:

My deep-rooted passion for travel abroad would enable me to serve your company well as an international consultant based in Japan. I must confess that I have always had a passion for international travel and a curiosity for investigating other cultures. As a child my grandparents filled my stamp collection with brightly colored stamps souvenirs from their travels. I remember being so captivated by my treasure chest of stamps that I vowed to visit these places one day. I was nearly 13 during my first overseas adventure and since then I have pursued several adventures abroad including extended trips to Japan the United Kingdom and Europe and a three-month internship with a consulting company in Portugal.

As a new graduate educated in international trade and consulting I can offer your company expertise that will meet or even exceed your needs in export/import. My background has prepared me for multiple diverse challenges in communicating with international clients paying strong attention to detail and in producing essential documentation.

My hard work professionalism and dedication to employer success have resulted in significant accolades and increased responsibilities. My superb organizational skills firm understanding of global trade regulations and awareness of the bottom line proved highly beneficial in my recent internship. Additionally I can bring the following experiences and skills to this position:

  • Ability to manage post-trade follow-up on delivery quality specification regulatory issues reorders and changes in orders.
  • Experience in traveling and living internationally and collaborating with individuals from many cultures with varied communication skills work habits and expectations.
  • Strong work ethic combined with the ability to perform in high-pressure fast-paced environments with long hours.
  • Fluency in Mandarin Chinese Taiwanese Japanese and English.
  • Excellent computer skills.

My education in management and foreign trade as well as my strong decision-making problem-solving and action-driven leadership skills combined with my overseas experiences make me an excellent choice for the consulting position you are advertising. My childhood dream of global travel has transformed me into a worldly consultant for your firm. I plan to contact you to set up a personal interview at your convenience. Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Jane Job-Seeker

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