Sample Behavioral Job Interviewing Story Using SAR Technique

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One strategy for preparing for behavioral interviews is to use the SAR Technique (often referred to as the STAR and PAR techniques as well.)

Sample SAR story:

Situation (S):
Advertising revenue was falling off for my college newspaper,the Stetson Reporter, and large numbers of long-term advertisers were not renewing contracts.

Action (A):
I designed a new promotional packet to go with the rate sheet and compared the benefits of Reporter circulation with other ad media in the area. I also set-up a special training session for the account executives with a School of Business Administration professor who discussed competitive selling strategies.

Result (R):
We signed contracts with 15 former advertisers for daily ads and five for special supplements. We increased our new advertisers by 20 percent [quantities are always good] over the same period last year.

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