Do’s and Don’ts of Requesting a Raise in Salary or Wages

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by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D.

Here are the keys to successfully requesting an increase in salary or wages. Following these simple rules and guidelines should help you achieve success in getting the raise you deserve.

  • Do have a plan and a strategy for getting the raise you deserve.
  • Don’t make ultimatums, beg, whine, or get angry. Do be professional.
  • Do have an idea of your value — both inside the company and on the job market. And do use these salary negotiation resources.
  • Don’t be unrealistic in seeking too much of a raise. Do have an idea of the parameters you should expect.
  • Do be flexible in considering perks other than a monetary raise if money is tight within the department or organization.
  • Don’t focus on the raise you need. Instead, do focus on the raise you deserve.
  • Do demonstrate your value, accomplishments, and contributions to your department and your organization. Don’t assume your work speaks for itself. Consider using something like this accomplishments worksheet.
  • Don’t be intimidated by the process. Do ask for a raise if you deserve one.
  • Do have a thorough understanding of the negotiation process and plan a strategy accordingly.
  • Don’t blindside your boss in the hallway for a raise; do schedule an appointment to discuss a raise.
  • Do be persistent in asking for a raise, but don’t ask too often — and do know the proper policies and procedures of the organization.
  • Don’t be overtly disappointed if you do not get the raise you desire, but do ask for suggestions on how you can get the raise you want at your next raise meeting.
  • Do focus on your future with the organization.
  • Do consider enlisting the help of a mentor within the organization.
  • Do read our article, Getting the Raise You Deserve.
  • Do read our article, Clever Ways to Get a Raise: Perks you Might Not Have Thought About.

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