Recruiter/Headhunter Resources, Directories, and Associations for Job-Seekers

Here are the best recruitment resources for job-seekers — organized around critical recruiter-related resources, recruiter/headhunter directories, and recruiter associations

Quintessential Careers Recruiter Resources

A Day in the Life of a Headhunter — this article discusses the importance of understanding headhunters, including a day-in-the-life of one. From Darrell W. Gurney, CPC.

Are Headhunters Calling You . . . Or Ignoring You? Ex-Recruiter Reveals Secrets to Gaining Headhunter’s Attention — a former recruiter reveals critical secrets and strategies for gaining the attention of headhunters.

Books About Using Recruiters and Headhunters — find the best collection of books on the strategies of using recruiters, headhunters, and executive search firms — as well as directories of where to find them.

The Care and Feeding of Headhunters and Recruiters — this article takes job-seekers through the in’s and out’s of using headhunters, recruiters, and executive search firms. Don’t know the rules? You will after reading this article.

Cover Letters to Recruiters Require Special Handling — this article teaches you how to write a cover letter that will get action from recruiters and headhunters.

Critical Recruiter Tips: Key Headhunter Advice — these useful tips come from Darrell W. Gurney’s book, Headhunters Revealed! Career Secrets for Choosing and Using Professional Recruiters.

15 Quick Tips for Working with Recruiters — a list of 15 expert quick tips to help job-seekers better understand key strategies for making most of your relationship working with recruiters and headhunters.

Formula for Finding the Right Headhunter: Trust and Clout = Trout! — this article discusses the formula for finding the right headhunter or recruiter for you in your job search. From Darrell W. Gurney, CPC.

Recruiter and Headhunter Directories

Oya’s Directory of Recruiters — a great resource created to help job-seekers find recruiters worldwide who can assist you in reaching your career goals. Search for recruiters or browse by recruiter specialty or location. Free to job-seekers. — where job-seekers who are looking for a recruiting professional (headhunters, executive search, staffing firms) can search a database of more than 10,000 recruiters. Search by company name, specialty, or location. Free to job-seekers.

Online Recruiters Directory — a great site for job-seekers to find recruiters, executive search firms, headhunters, staffing firms, and other recruiting services. Job-seekers can search for recruiters by job category, type of agency, and location. No cost to job-seekers.

EmplawyerNet: Recruiter Directory — where job-seekers can search this database of legal recruiters by geographic area. EmplawyerNet is a great site for finding career and employment information for lawyers, law students, and paralegals. Free to job-seekers. — a great source for job-seekers searching for geographic-specific headhunters, recruiters, employment agencies, and staffing companies in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. Browse agencies by country and then state/region. Free to job-seekers.

Recruit Directory — a web directory of recruitment-related resources, the site provides a recruiter directory, recruitment services, employment investigations, executive search and more. Free to job-seekers. — consists of a network of 20 regional recruiting sites developed to help recruiters, employers, and job-seekers find each other. Each geographic-specific site has its own job board that job-seekers can search by job category or keywords. Job-seekers can also post your resume. Free to job-seekers.

Recruiters Directory — a directory of recruiters, headhunters, staffing firms and recruiting agencies, where job-seekers can search for recruiters (by keywords, industry, and location) as well as find useful articles about working with recruiters. Free to job-seekers.

Recruiters Online Network — where job-seekers can search for recruiters by specialty, geographic area, or keywords. Job-seekers can also search job postings from recruiters by industry, job function, and location. A great resource for job-seekers. Free to job-seekers.

Recruiter Associations

Alliance of Medical Recruiters (AMR) — physician job-seekers will find the list of more than 100 healthcare recruitment firms from the U.S. and Canada, as well as the ability to search for posted positions (by specialty, job situation, training, citizenship, degree, location, and posting date) and register your credentials. Free to job-seekers.

American Association of Finance and Accounting (AAFA) — where financial and accounting professionals (from analysts to senior management) can find specific recruitment offices that are part of this network of recruiters across the U.S. and Canada. Free to job-seekers.

Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) — where you can browse through a membership list for free, but if you want to search the directory, job-seekers need to use a paid service called SearchConnect. Odd — and not worth it given the other sources for this information.

First Interview — a recruiter network (500+ members) dedicated to placing top sales, sales management and marketing candidates with Fortune 1000 clients in various fields, including: DP/IT, telecom, pharmaceutical, medical, healthcare, consumer, business-to-business, and industrial. Job-seekers can post your resume/profile and view and apply for job openings. Free to job-seekers.

National Association of Executive Recruiters (NAEA) — where job-seekers can search membership directory by area of specialty and location — U.S. recruiters only. Free to job-seekers.

National Association of Legal Search Consultants (NALSC) — listings in the association’s membership directory (U.S. and Canada only) contains contact information, a direct email link, specific information about any areas of specialization or particular expertise, and, if available, a direct link to the recruiter’s Website. Free to job-seekers.

National Association of Physician Recruiters (NAPR) — consists of a membership association of more than 240 physician recruiting firms, hospitals, medical groups, individuals, and vendor organizations — and where physicians can browse the membership directory, create a personal profile, and get career information. Free to job-seekers.

National Banking & Financial Services Network (NBFSN) — consists of recruiting firms all specializing in the banking and financial services marketplace. Banking, accounting, and financial services professionals can also post your profile or resume and search and apply for jobs. Free to job-seekers.

National Insurance Recruiters Association (NIRA) — where job-seekers can browse for insurance recruiters by state (finding names, phone numbers, emails, and Websites) or search for jobs posted by recruiters (by industry, job type, and location)

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