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The Quintessential Guide to Words to Get Hired By: The Jobseeker’s Quintessential Lexicon of Powerful Words and Phrases for Resumes and Cover Letters

ISBN-10: 1-934689-04-1
ISBN-13: 978-1-934689-04-2

At a loss for words? Many job-seekers would like to write their own resumes and cover letters but have difficulty coming up with the right words with which to describe their skills and sell themselves.

Words to Get Hired By, published by the trusted career experts at Quintessential Careers, provides thousands of powerful words and phrases that pack punch into your resume and cover letter. Words to Get Hired By gives you words and phrases for every part of your resume and cover letter and will ensure that you’ll never again face writer’s block as you compose your job-search correspondence.

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Title Page & Credits. Read Title Page now.

Introduction: The Power of Words. Read the Introduction now.

Chapter 1: The Perfect Objective Statement for Your Resume. Sharpen your resume’s focus with an objective statement that sets exactly the right tone. Read Chapter 1 now.

Chapter 2: Tapping the Power of Keywords to Enhance Your Resume’s Effectiveness. With 80 percent of resumes being placed into employer databases and searched for keywords, you can’t afford not to know what keywords to use. Read Chapter 2 now.

Chapter 3: Your Professional Profile: Bullet Points that Describe Your Strengths in a Nutshell. Know how to craft a resume section that has become increasingly indispensable. Includes thousands of sample bullet points arranged by skill and by job type. Read Chapter 3 now.

Chapter 4: Identifying and Portraying Transferable and Applicable Skills. Learn how to describe your skills so they apply perfectly to the job you want. Especially important for career-changers! Read Chapter 4 now.

Chapter 5: Powerful Verbs. Discover the verbs that bolster your image as a dynamic candidate for the job. Read Chapter 5 now.

Chapter 6: Keeping it Parallel. Learn the grammatical tricks that keep the words flowing smoothly and improve your documents’ readability. Read Chapter 6 now.

Chapter 7: Leveraging Your Accomplishments. With today’s employers insisting on accomplishments-driven resumes and cover letters, know how to make the most of your achievements. Read Chapter 7 now.

Chapter 8: Words to Avoid. Find out how to steer clear of the words that won’t sell you to employers. Read Chapter 8 now.

Chapter 9: Proactive Language for Cover letters. Hit the right note of enthusiasm and authority in your cover letter so the employer can’t resist interviewing you. Read Chapter 9 now.

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