Quintessential Careers Press: Tell Me About Yourself: Storytelling that Propels Careers

Storytelling that Propels Careers

Tell Me About Yourself: Storytelling that Propels Careers

ISBN-10: 1-934689-00-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-934689-00-4

Tell Me About Yourself: Storytelling that Propels Careers focuses on a powerful use of storytelling — telling stories to advance your career, whether by moving up in your current organization or landing a job in a new organization. The title comes from the most commonly asked question (which isn’t even a question but a request) in job interviews, “Tell me about yourself.” Composing stories to reveal your personal and professional self in response to that “question” is just one way to use storytelling to propel your career. This book reveals many others.

Title Page & Credits. Read Title Page now.

Introduction: Why Use Story in the Job Search? Learn why storytelling can be an incredibly powerful tool in your job search. Read the Introduction now.

Part I: Career-Propelling Story Basics

  • Chapter 1: Telling Stories about Change. The ability to tell stories that depict how well you handle change is key in the job search. Learn why in this chapter. Read Chapter 1 now.
  • Chapter 2: The Quintessential You Story. The basic building block for storytelling in the job search is the story of you. Learn how to develop your story in this chapter. Read Chapter 2 now.
  • Chapter 3: How to Develop Career-Propelling Stories. This chapter focuses on formulas and techniques for building on the Quintessential You story and telling many stories that can ignite your job search. Read Chapter 3 now.

Part II: Storytelling Media in the Job Search

  • Chapter 4: Networking as Storytelling. Learn how to use storytelling when you network with helpful contacts. Read Chapter 4 now.
  • Chapter 5: Resumes that Tell a Story Learn to incorporate story techniques in your resume. Read Chapter 5 now.
  • Chapter 6: Cover Letters that Tell a Story. Use essential narrative tools to open a window into your personality in your cover letter. Read Chapter 6 now.
  • Chapter 7: Portfolios that Tell a Story. Integrate storytelling into presenting your career portfolio to employers. Read Chapter 7 now.
  • Chapter 8: Interviews that Tell a Story. Make the most of this key opportunity to give examples, anecdotes, and stories of accomplishment. Read Chapter 8 now.
  • Chapter 9: Personal Branding as Storytelling. Dscover how you can distinguish yourself by using stories to depict yourself as a brand. Read Chapter 9 now.

Part III: Continuous Career Storytelling

  • Chapter 10: Propel Your Career Through On-the-job Storytelling. Capitalize on opportunities to advance yourself through storytelling throughout your career. Read Chapter 10 now.
  • Epilogue. Now take everything you’ve learned from this book to let your story unfold and propel your career. Read the Epilogue now.
Tell Me About Yourself -- Career Storytelling!

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