Quintessential Careers Press: The Quintessential Guide to Job Interview Preparation

Quintessential Guide to Job Interivew Preparation

The Quintessential Guide to Job Interview Preparation

ISBN-10: 1-934689-01-7
ISBN-13: 978-1-934689-01-1

The Quintessential Guide to Job Interview Preparation is the comprehensive guide to succeeding in job interviews by knowing exactly what to expect — and what’s expected of you every step of the way. You’ll learn the secrets of interview preparation that will enable you to wow your interviewer. You’ll discover how to make the most of your nonverbal behaviors. Find out the different types of interviews and interview questions: What is the interviewer really trying to get at by asking a particular type of question and what’s the best way to answer? See how to effectively wind up an interview by asking advantageous questions and closing the sale. Learn what happens after the interview and how you can influence the hiring decision after you walk out the door.

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Title Page & Credits. Read Title Page now.

Introduction: Read the Introduction now.

PART I: Before the Interview

  • Chapter 1: Research the Employer, Interviewer, and Industry. Interviewers describe lack of company knowledge as one of their top pet peeves. Learn to do your homework. Read Chapter 1 now.
  • Chapter 2: Identify the Characteristics to Showcase in the Interview. What skills and characteristics is the interviewer looking for? Learn how to identify them and show them off. Consider a career portfolio as an aid. Read Chapter 2 now.
  • Chapter 3: What type of Interview? Learn the various types of interviews and how to be ready for them: Phone interview | Traditional interview | Behavioral interview | Situational interview | Stress interview and off-the-wall questions | Case interview | Panel interview
    Read Chapter 3 now.
  • Chapter 4: What’s in an Interview Question? Analyzing various questions and types of questions to determine what the employer is really asking and how to respond effectively. Chapter provides practice interview questions and sample responses. Read Chapter 4 now.
  • Chapter 5: Rehearsing and Practicing. Best ways to ensure you are truly prepared. Read Chapter 5 now.
  • Chapter 6: Plan Your Interview Attire. Here’s how to be sure you look right for the interview. Read Chapter 6 now.
  • Chapter 7: Logistics: How to ensure you can find the site and get there on time. Read Chapter 7 now.
  • Chapter 8: 24-hour Countdown to the Interview. Exactly what you need to do in the day before the interview to ensure top performance. Read Chapter 8 now.

PART II: At the Interview

  • Chapter 9: Arriving at the Interview. The interview begins before you even meet the interviewer. All about arriving, waiting, and interacting with gatekeepers Read Chapter 9 now.
  • Chapter 10: First Impressions and Establishing Rapport. See how to make the most of the first few minutes of the interview. Read Chapter 10 now.
  • Chapter 11: Confidence and Enthusiasm. Learn body-language and other tricks that help you project these all-important traits.. Read Chapter 11 now.
  • Chapter 12: Handling Tricky Situations. How to cope with some of the more dicey aspects of interviewing and avoid or correct blunders and bloopers. Read Chapter 12 now.
  • Chapter 13: Show Your Interest by Asking Questions. Make the most of this key opportunity by asking thoughtful questions. Read Chapter 13 now.
  • Chapter 14: Closing the Deal: Getting to the Next Step in the Process. How to increase the chances you’ll be going on to the next round.. Read Chapter 14 now.

PART III: After the Interview

  • Chapter 15: Thank-You and Followup Communications. See how your followup can help parlay you into an offer. Read Chapter 15 now.
  • Chapter 16: Second, Third, and Subsequent Interviews. How to keep the momentum going. Read Chapter 16 now.
  • Chapter 17: Offer or Rejection. Handling either with grace and effectiveness. Read Chapter 17 now.

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