Quintessential Careers: I am a Visitor

This page is for visitors to our site who do not fit into student, job-seeker, career-changer, or counselor. Please review all our free expert career tools and resources.

Are you an employer?

Here are key employer-related resources and tools:

Are you a worker who is not currently job-searching?

We have a lot of tools and resources to help you make the best of your current job and employer here:

Are you an entrepreneur at heart who is thinking of starting your own business or buying into a franchise?

Here are some key tools and resources to help with starting your business:

Are you a member of the media?

Here’s where you can find important links related to the media:

Are you a prospective advertiser?

Here’s where you can find links important to advertisers:

Are you some other type of visitor?

Perhaps these links will assist you in finding what you seek:

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