Key Career Networking Resources for Job-Seekers

A collection of key Web-based career and job-search network resources, tips, and how-to guides for job-seekers.

Need help with learning about networking — or polishing your networking skills? What follows is a collection of the best general networking resources — including articles, tips, tutorials, and more — available on the Web.

Quintessential Careers Networking Resources for Job-Seekers

Career Networking Assessment for Job-Seekers: A Quintessential Careers Quiz — wondering how well you network? Take this free assessment!

Career Networking Explained: Making Connections, Building Relationships — learn how to build useful career connections, an article written by Kathy Condon.

Fast Track Your Job Search by Networking Through a Professional Association — professional associations are great resource for networking with members of your own profession, trade, or job title; written by Joe Turner. Includes a sidebar, Tips For Effective Networking within Professional Associations, by Lynn Berger.

Five Strategies for Leveraging Your Online Social Networks — learn five strategies for job-seekers in creating online social networking that will help build your reputation and leverage your contacts, an article written by E. Chandlee Bryan.

For Networking and Support, Join or Start a Job Club — learn everything you need to know about networking job clubs, an article written by Katharine Hansen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Career Networking, an interview with QuintCareers Creative Director Katharine Hansen, Ph.D., about the revised edition of her book, A Foot in the Door, a detailed examination showing how all job-seekers can use networking to enhance their job searches.

How to Build and Expand Your Career Network: 10 Proven Techniques — thrust of this article is to provide job-seekers with 10 proven techniques for building and expanding your career network.

Informational Interviewing: A Top Tool for College Students — read about why college students should take advantage of this great networking tool, an article by Katharine Hansen.

Informational Interviewing Tutorial — learn all about a powerful tool of networking — the informational interview.

Internet Networking Tutorial — a comprehensive guide to the many ways you can use the Internet to connect with people all over the world and help build your personal network of contacts for social, business, and career purposes.

Maximizing Online Social Networking — an article all about online social/business/career networking, written by Katharine Hansen.

Networking Business Cards: An Essential Job-Search Tool for Career Changers and College Students When A Resume Just Won’t Do — guidelines for creating your own networking business cards, by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D.

Networking Do’s and Don’ts — a collection of key networking rules and tips, compiled by Katharine Hansen.

Networking Your Way to a New Job — an easy-to-follow article for all job-seekers outlining the importance and methods of networking, by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D.

Researching Employers through Informational Interviews — an article that shows you how to gather critical employer research through informational interviewing, by Katharine Hansen.

Seven Rules for Networking Success — career networking is relationship-building tool for job-seekers to uncover job leads, not ask for jobs. Read these seven rules for successful networking, an article written by Barbara Safani.

Seven Smart Networking Moves Guaranteed To Make You More Memorable — an article by Susan Britton Whitcomb that includes great tips and suggestions for networking opportunities.

Slime-free Networking — networking has gotten a bad name because people saw it as transactional. Learn the right way, an excerpt from Ronna Lichtenberg’s Pitch Like a Girl: How a Woman Can Be Herself.

Taking Networking to the Next Level: Getting Your Name Out There, an article by Katharine Hansen that discusses the need to take networking to the next level to achieve job-search and career success.

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Quintessential Careers Network Contact Log for Job-Seekers

Sample Network Contact Log: Organizing Your Career Network.

Best Other Career Networking Resources

Networking — a nice collection of resources about networking, including a look at why networking is important, a networking timeline, and how to turn any situation into a networking opportunity. From

How to Network at a Business Conference — an article full of tips for making an impression and building your career network at conferences, from the folks at

The Directory of Mentor Arts and Mentorship — a comprehensive source on finding and benefiting from mentors.

WhoToTalkTo — a job referral exchange, where job seekers can share information about a current or former job and in exchange find the inside scoop on a prospective job/employer. You can find out exactly who’s doing the hiring, get an idea about what they’re looking for, and can find out how to contact that person directly. No cost to job-seekers.

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