Job and Career Resources for Mature and Older Job-Seekers — Including the Baby Boomers, Third-Agers

Most Useful Sites on the Internet for 50 plus adults

This section of Quintessential Careers has job and career resources for baby boomers, mature third-age job-seekers, and older workers looking for new job, work, and career-change strategies, tactics.

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Quintessential Careers Key Resources:

Approaches and Tactics for Older Workers Who Can’t Find a Job — a collection of key resources, strategies, and tactics for older third-age workers who are having trouble find a new job.

Baby Boomers, Beware! Don’t Let Your Resume Date You! — if you’re a job-seeker of the Baby Boom generation, you may be feeling a little left out by the job market. Here’s resume and job-search help.

Boomers into Business: How to Turn What You Know Into Dough — an excerpt from Lisa Orrell’s book, Boomers into Business: How Anyone Over 50 Can Turn What They Know into Dough Before and After Retirement.

15 Quick Tips for Fighting Age Discrimination — age discrimination is challenge for mature workers, but a weak economy and fewer jobs, makes situation worse. Find 15 tips for fighting age discrimination.

Job and Career Books for Mature Workers — a growing collection of books about the older worker, including resume and job-search strategies, as well as other issues facing the mature job-seeker, such as dealing with age discrimination.

Managing Age, Currency, and Impression When You’re a Mature Worker — advice for older workers seeking new jobs on how best to manage your age, industry and professional currency, overall impressions on the job-hunt

Mature Job-Seeker Quiz: What Are You Communicating to Hiring Managers? A Quintessential Careers Quiz — what kind of image are you portraying to job hiring managers, many much younger than you? Take our free quiz.

Mature Job-Seekers: Are You Practicing Reverse Age Discrimination in Your Job Hunt? — while age (and other types) discrimination exists, too often older job-seekers fail to make effort to update skills, behave appropriately in job hunt.

Myths About Older Workers — think you know the facts about older workers? Better check these myths — along with the reality.

Older Workers/Job-Seekers: Use Your Age to Your Advantage — find four job hunt tips on how to use age as an advantage over younger job-seekers.

Positive Attitude is Key When Fighting Prejudice Against Older Workers — age discrimination happens. If you are bumping up against the “grey ceiling,” here are some of the ways you can empower yourself in your job search.

Resume, Cover Letter, and Interview Strategies for Older Workers — some great tips and suggestions for improving your resume and cover letters — as well as your interviewing skills. Strong advice, especially for job-seekers who have not been in a recent job search.

Seniors Survive in the Workplace by Knowing What Works for Them — time-proven, field-tested techniques that keep people aged 50 and above happily employed — from older workers who are in demand, gainfully employed.

Working Beyond Retirement: For Money, Identity, and Purpose — for many boomers and third-agers, retirement will no longer signal the end of working, but more so a career and lifestyle transition to working beyond retirement. Read all about it!


Experience Corps — a volunteering site for people 55 or older in which you can tutor children who need basic literacy skills; mentor students who need guidance; and partner with classroom teachers to create better learning communities. Currently in 20 U.S. cities. No cost to job-seekers.

Experience Works! — a nationwide staffing service dedicated to providing temporary and permanent employment opportunities to older individuals, dislocated workers, welfare participants, and other adults seeking employment and needed income.

jobs4.0 — a job board focused on job opportunities for candidates 40 and older, working only with employers who value experienced workers and claiming that all job postings on the site are legitimate. Job-seekers can search jobs (by location, job category, keyword). No cost to job-seekers.

Operation A.B.L.E. of Greater Boston — provides job training and employment services to mature workers age 45 and older in Massachusetts, as well as career fair information and the beginnings of a job board for older workers. Some services no cost; some fee-based to job-seekers. — a recareering, career-change resource site. (The name refers to when you restart your computer.) You’ll find articles,tools, stories, and other resources related to finding a new career after ending your current career. No cost to job-seekers. — where older job-seekers, including those retired or about to retire, can search job listings for part-time, temporary, and full-time positions (by keywords, industry, and location), post your resume, and register for an e-mail job-search agent. Also includes career resources specifically for older workers. Free to job-seekers.

Retired Worker International — a job site for U.S. and Canadian job-seekers who have retired, but are now actively seeking work on a part-time, temporary, or casual basis, where you can search or browse job listings, as well as post a skills summary (no resume required), and you will automatically be notified when your skills match a new job listing. Free to job-seekers.

Retirement Jobs — a job board for job-seekers older than 50, where job-seekers can search job postings (by keyword, location), post your resume, register for job alerts, and find career and job-search advice. No cost to job-seekers for basic services; fee-based premium membership also available.

SecondAct — a site tailored to the needs and interests of readers above age 40, with a mission to provide the inspiration, information, and hands-on know-how you’ll need to get the most out of life in the years leading up to and following retirement. Special section for finding your second-act career and/or opportunities for making a difference in the world. No cost to job-seekers.

Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) — part-time employment program for low-income persons age 55 or over. Program participants work at community and government agencies and are paid the Federal or State minimum wage, whichever is higher. From the Employment and Training Administration of the U.S. Department of Labor. Free to job-seekers.

Senior Job Bank — a job site for job-seekers aged 50+ where you can search for full-time, part-time, temporary, and volunteer jobs (by job category, industry, location), as well as post multiple resumes and register for a job-search agent. Free to job-seekers.

Senior Service America — runs the Senior AIDES Employment Program, an employment and training program that uses community service to update enrollee’s skills so that you may rejoin a competitive workforce — currently operating in 27 states and the District of Columbia. Job-seekers must be 55 years of age or older. Other resources include job clubs that assist in networking, preparing resumes, and polishing interviewing techniques. Also includes other programs, resources. Free to job-seekers.

Seniors4Hire — a job site for job-seekers 50 and older seeking jobs and/or other ways of earning money. After registering at the site, you can search job listings, post your resume, register for email job alerts, use a jobs-wanted tool, and find useful resources for mature workers. No cost to job-seekers. — a job site designed to help baby-boomers and older workers in finding employment. Job-seekers can search job listings (by keywords and location), find a collection of career articles and resources, and listings of local job fairs across the country. No cost to job-seekers. — a career resource for older job-seekers with a mission to arm “the older workforce with employment resources and career information to achieve their goals.” You’ll find lots of age-related career content, from resume-writing to critical job-search strategies. No cost to job-seekers.


AARP Work Information Network — a great collection of resources for older workers who are job-hunting, changing careers, or thinking about starting your own business. Also check out their AARP Best Employers for Workers Over 50.

FortyPlus — career and job-hunting organization (mostly in California, but spreading to a number of other states) for individuals at least 40 years old, with managerial or professional experience, and who annual earnings exceeding $40,000.

Mojo40 — a blog designed to help professionals aged 40 and above to get your career mojo back — it’s about “getting you unstuck in your career, no matter where you are in the process, and giving you practical advice” to succeed. Whether stuck, recareering, or thinking of freelancing or consulting, check out the advice. No cost to job-seekers.

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