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Prime Time: How Baby-Boomers Will Revolutionize Retirement and Transform America, by Marc Freedman (Public Affairs). This mind-opening book provides a new vision on aging, retirement, and the role of older Americans in the 21st century.Over the next three decades, the number of Americans over fifty will double, swelling to more than a quarter of the population. Get your copy of this book today!


Age Discrimination in the American Workplace: Old at a Young Age, by Raymond F. Gregory (Rutgers University Press).

Age Power: How the 21st Century Will Be Ruled by the New Old, by Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D. (Jeremy P. Tarcher).

Age Works: What Corporate America Must Do to Survive the Graying of the Workforce, by Beverly Goldberg (Free Press).

Encore: Finding Work That Matters in the Second Half of Life, by Marc Freedman (PublicAffairs).

Happy About Working to Stay Young: Expanded Careers for Boomers and Seniors, by Jacky Hood (Happy About).

The Power Years: A User’s Guide to the Rest of Your Life, by Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D. and Daniel J. Kadlec (Wiley).

Resumes for the 50+ Job Hunter (VGM).

How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free, by Ernie J. Zelinski (VIP Books).

The Third Age: Six Principles of Growth and Renewal After Forty, by William Sadler (Perseus Publishing).

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