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Career, Careers, and Job-Related Web Link Resources


These career and career-resource sites contain little -- if any -- original material or resources, but provide links to thousands of job and career-related Websites.


These career sites are great starting points for finding the career and job-search information and resources you need.


THE BEST: -- if you're looking for links to the top general job sites, to resume writing and distribution services, to geographic-specific job sites, to career-specific job sites, and more, then this site will be a great resource for you. All links. Free to job-seekers. Career Resource Center -- you'll find more than 4,000 links to jobs, employers, education and career service professionals on the Web, plus more than 6,000 other helpful career resources, including books, articles, and software. An amazing site!


EmploymentSpot -- a great source of links for job-hunting sites, salary and benefits information, resume-posting opportunities, internships, interviewing tips, and much more. Free.


Careers & Jobs -- a great collection of links for job-seekers, presented in alphabetical order.


THE REST: -- a comprehensive employment directory -- full of links to career information websites.


Jobs Portal -- another good career resource site for job-seekers who are simply looking to find quick links organized in logical fashion. Free to job-seekers.


Krislyn's Favorite Employment and Contract Sites -- a nice collection of job links, organized by general employment sites, industry/profession sites, consulting and contract sites, and international employment sites. Also includes a collection of employment books. -- a nice collection of career-related links, categorized for easy clicking. Includes links to job sites, career resources, company research, and educational opportunities. Free to job-seekers.


XPDNC -- a massive collection of links to all aspects of employment and labor issues, with link categories such as apprentice development, career resources, human resources, job banks, rights at work, and many, many more. Free to job-seekers.




Enhance your career! Take advantage of all of our expert free career development advice, tools, and resources -- including career assessments and career exploration -- in our Career Resources Toolkit for Job-Seekers.



Maximize your career and job-search knowledge and skills! Take advantage of The Quintessential Careers Content Index, which enables site visitors to locate articles, tutorials, quizzes, and worksheets in 35 career, college, job-search topic areas.



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