The Guide to the Best Journaling Resources

Many (if not all) students, career-changers, and experienced job-seekers will find great value in developing and using a career development journal. Keeping a journal will bring new opportunities and discoveries about yourself and your career.

You should find all the tools, articles, tips, and books you need to be successful in your journey of journaling self-discovery and career development.


The Benefits of Journaling — a short list of the the many benefits one can get from keeping a journal.

The Quintessential Careers Career Journaling Tutorials — free guides where you can learn the power of career journaling to get a new job, change your career, obtain graduate education, and otherwise propel your career!

Using a Career Journal to Further Your Career Development and Empower Your Job-Search — an article detailing the reasons why all students and job-seekers should consider keeping a career development journal.

USEFUL JOURNALING WEBSITES — where you can find journaling-related books, articles, and links.

Journal For You — a great collection of helpful articles about all types of journaling.

Journaling Life — where you can find all sorts of journaling information, tips, and resources. Also includes sampes of different types of journals.

Writing the Journey: Online Journal Writing Workshop — ideas, exercises, and other resources highlight this excellent journaling site.


At a Journal Workshop: Writing to Access the Power of the Unconscious and Evoke Creative Ability, by Ira Progoff (J. P. Tarcher).

Creative Journal: The Art of Finding Yourself, by Lucia Capacchione (Swallow Press).

Journal Jumpstarts: Quick Topics and Tips for Journal Writing, by Patricia Woodward (Cottonwood Press).

Journal to the Self: 22 Paths to Personal Growth, by Kathleen Adams (Warner Books).

The Many Faces of Journaling: Topics & Techniques for Personal Journal Writing, by Linda C. Senn (Pen Central Press).

One to One: Self-Understanding Through Journal Writing, by Christina Baldwin (M Evans & Co).

Visual Journaling: Going Deeper Than Words, by Barbara Ganim and Susan Fox(Quest Books).

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