Job Search 101 Tutorial: #10 – Job Offers

Step 10: Job and Salary Offers

Here are the keys to successfully navigating your first job offer!

Start by Doing Your Homework on Salary

The key to successful salary negotiation is knowledge, so don’t let the advantage fall to the employer by not doing your homework in discovering such things as the salary range of the job in that particular company, salary ranges in your industry, typical benefits, and other key information. If you don’t have any experience with salary negotiation, take a crash course with another of our tutorials: Quintessential Careers Salary Tutorial Quiz.

Know What to Expect When You Receive Job Offer

Don’t be one of those job-seekers that focus only on money… make sure to evaluate the entire compensation package.

  • Salary and Pay: Knowing how much money you are going to receive in your paycheck is important — and you should make sure you take into account such factors as base salary, overtime pay, cost-of-living allowances (and differences), salary review periods.
  • Benefits: There is almost an unlimited number of potential benefits packages offered by employers. Some employers just offer them, some pay all of the costs, some pay part of the costs. Benefits include such things as vacation days, sick days, personal days, paid company holidays, pension plans, stock ownership plans, health insurance, dental/eye insurance, life insurance, and more. You can learn more about key benefits you might receive in a job offer in this section of our Quintessential Careers Salary Tutorial Quiz.

Know When to Expect the Job Offer

A cardinal sin of job-hunting is when the job-seeker raises the salary issue before the employer is ready to make an offer. On the other hand, an employer could make an offer on the first interview, so you need to be able to read the clues and be prepared.

Know how to Negotiate Your Salary/Job Offer

Information is power. In order to be more successful with salary negotiation, you need to have as much — or more — information as the employer. There are plenty of places on the Web where you can find information. We suggest you check out Quintessential Careers: Salary Negotiation.

Find other salary resources in this section of Quintessential Careers: Salary Negotiation and Job Offer Tools and Resources.

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