Job Satisfaction Quiz Scoring Guide

by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D.

Thanks again for participating in our Job Satisfaction Quiz.

For each of the 20 statements on the quiz, give yourself the following points based on your responses:

  • Strongly Agree — 5 points
  • Agree — 4 points
  • Neither Agree nor Disagree — 3 points
  • Disagree — 2 points
  • Strongly Disagree — 1 point

Add up your points. If you scored…

  • 80-100: Red Alert! You are near the point of complete burn-out with your job and employer. Seek alternative employment solutions — both for career advancement as well as mental and physical well-being.
  • 60-79: Yellow Alert! You may still get some satisfaction from your job, but without some sort of change, you are heading down the road of total dissatisfaction.
  • 40-59: Satisfied. At this time, you appear to be satisfied with your job and employer. Now might be a good time to examine areas where you are not totally satisfied and make changes.
  • Under 40: Highly Satisfied: An ideal scenario for any worker as you appear quite satisfied with your job and employer.
  • Depending on your score, you might consider reviewing these Workplace Resources for Dealing With Your Current Job/Employer if you are generally satisfied… or these Career Resources and Job-Hunting Tools if you are dissatisfied and need to find a new job or new career.

    Remember that we spend about 80 percent of our awake hours at work on the job — and we deserve to be happy with our jobs. When you are dissatisfied with your work, you often develop a bad attitude, which in turn leads to lower levels of performance. You also often feel an energy drain and other ailments. Being dissatisfied is the beginning of the downward spiral that could affect your job, career, and personal life.

    If you are unhappy and unappreciated, take the time to review your options for finding a better job, better employer, or better career. You owe it to yourself — and your family.

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