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What follows is a collection of the best job history, reference-checking, background checking, and official transcript services on the Web.

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  • Sample Job Reference Lists for Job-Seekers. Every job-seeker needs to have a list of references — people who will speak of your skills and abilities. Here are two examples of how to organize a reference list.

Job History Verficiation Services

job history verification — as job-seekers and your resumes come under greater scrutiny from employers, you can get an edge by using the services of this site to provide independent confirmation of your credentials. This site offers job seekers the ability to develop and maintain verified records of employment, education and certification on-line. Fee-based.

Reference Checking Services

Need some help with references? Read our article, References: The Keys to Choosing and Using the Best Job References in Your Job Search.

References-etc. — includes all kinds of reports for job-seekers, including reference checking services as well as credit reports, driving records, and more. Includes a legal resource area. Fee-based.

Official School Transcript Storage Services

InterFolio — provides secure, confidential storage for all the documents you need to apply to graduate school or a job, including recommendations, writing samples, test scores, transcripts, and other documents. Fee-based.

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