Job-Hunting Samples and Examples

Where job-seekers find resume (and CV), cover letter, branding statement, interviewing, thank-you letter, salary history, and many other free job-search and career planning samples and examples.

We’re here to help you, so Quintessential Careers is continually adding free job-search samples and examples of critical job-hunting resources for job-seekers — such as professional resumes, cover letters, thank-you letters, reference lists, career stories, mission statements, interview questions, and more!

What specific kinds of job-search samples and examples do we provide to job-seekers? Here’s what we currently offer you in the ways of free job-search samples and examples:

Job-Search Correspondence — Resumes and Cover Letters — Samples and Examples

  • Professionally Developed Resume Samples for Job-Seekers
    More than 90 high-quality job-search resumes, including:
    • Resume Samples For Established Job-Seekers
    • Resume Samples For MBA-Level Professionals
    • Resume Samples For Management and Human Resources Professionals
    • Resume Samples For Operations Management Professionals
    • Resume Samples For Professionals in Engineering, Science, and Information Technology (IT)
    • Resume Samples For Creative Design Professionals
    • Resume Samples For Finance and Investments Professionals
    • Resume Samples For Sales, Marketing, Business Development, and Public Relations Professionals
    • Resume Samples For Training, Organizational Development, and Consulting Professionals
    • Resume Samples For Professionals in Association Management, Nonprofits, and Social Services
    • Resume Samples For Law and Government Professionals
    • Resume Samples For Executive and Senior-Level Professionals
    • Short-Form Resume Sample
    • Text Resume & Resume Addenda Samples
  • Sample Dynamic Cover Letters for Job-Seekers
    More than 40 job-search job-seeker cover letter samples, including:
    • Recent College Grad Cover Letters
    • Many Profession-Specific Cover Letters
    • Referral Cover Letter
    • Cold Contact Cover Letter
    • Classified Ad Response Cover Letter
    • Two-Column Cover Letter
    • Email Cover Letter
    • Graduate School Cover Letter
    • Military Transition Cover Letter
    • Internship Cover Letter
    • Story-Based Cover Letters
  • Sample Post-Interview Job-Seeker Thank You Letters
    A variety of job-search thank-you letter samples, including:
    • General Interview Thank You Letters (3)
    • Job Interview Thank You Letter that Stresses Fit (2)
    • Job Interview Thank You Letter that Builds on Strength
    • Job Interview Thank You Letter that Entices the Employer
    • Job Interview Thank You Letter that Aims at Damage Control
    • Job Interview Thank You Letter that Mentions Interview Afterthoughts
    • Job Interview Thank You Letter that Demonstrates Understanding of Job
    • Job Interview Thank You Letter for Different Job Opportunity
    • Job Interview Thank You Letter that Uses Highlighting to Recap Fit
    • Job Interview Thank You Letter that Builds on Rapport from Interview
    • Job Interview Thank You Letter for a Campus Recruiter
    • Career/Job Fair Interview Thank You Letter
    • Thank You Letter that Follows Up After Job Interview
    • Thank You Letter that Follows Up Job Application

    Plus, three thank-you letter templates:

    • Job-Seeker Basic Post-Interview Thank-You Letter Template
    • Job-Seeker Job-Acceptance Letter Template
    • Job-Seeker Cold-Contact Follow-Up Letter Template
  • Other Sample Job-Search Letters for Job-Seekers
    A variety of career networking and interview follow-up letters, including:
    • Career Networking Letters
      • Letter Requesting a Job Shadowing Experience
      • Letter Requesting an Informational Interview
      • Referral Letter Requesting an Informational Interview
      • Letter Attempting to Revive Network Contact
    • Follow-Up Letters
      • Follow-Up after Job Interview Rejection
      • Follow-Up after Interview and Rejection
      • The What-Did-I-Do-Wrong Letter
      • Job Offer Acceptance Letter
      • Declining Offer Letter
      • Rescinding an Accepted Job Offer Letter
      • Job Offer Counter Proposal Letter
  • Real New College Grad Resume and Cover Letter Samples
    Sample resumes for college students and recent college grads, including:
    • Financial Services Jobs Resume and Cover Letter Samples
    • IT jobs Resume and Cover Letter Samples
    • Marketing Jobs Resume and Cover Letter Samples
    • Sales (Including Pharamceutical Sales) Jobs Resume Samples
    • Artist Job Resume and Cover Letter Sample
    • Biotech Job Resume Sample
    • Healthcare Job Resume and Cover Letter Sample
    • Management Job resume sample
    • Public Relations Job resume sample
    • Travel Job Resume and Cover Letter Sample
    • Internship Resume and Cover Letter Sample
  • College Internship Resume and Cover Letter Samples
    A collection of resume and cover letter samples for college students seeking internships, including:
    • Analyst Internship
    • Broadcasting Internship
    • International Internship
    • Law Internship
    • Marketing Internship
    • Project Internship
    • Research Internship
  • Free Sample Resumes and CVs for the Professions
    High-quality job-search resumes and CVs for professionals, including:
    • Resume Sample For Attorney
    • Resume Sample For Physician
    • Resume Sample For Teacher
    • CV Sample For Physician
    • CV Sample For Scientist
    • CV Samples For Academics
  • Sample Web Resumes
    • Chronological
    • Functional
  • Sample Web Curriculum Vitas
    • Academic
    • Medical
  • Sample Bad (Weak) Resume
  • Sample Teen/Student Resume
  • Sample Resume Keywords
  • Sample Resume Branding Statements
  • Reference List Samples
  • Sample Executive Portfolio
  • QuintCareers Creative Director Katharine Hansen’s Teaching Portfolio
  • Well-Branded Digital Presence Samples
  • Storied Biography Sample

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