Job-Seeker Job-Acceptance Letter Template

This basic job-acceptance letter template is just one of several you can find in our Free Sample Job Interview and Career Thank-You Letters section of Quintessential Careers.

When you’ve received a job offer and decided to accept it, it’s wise to put your acceptance in writing to make sure you and the employer are on the same page about the terms of the offer.

Here is a template with a suggested structure for a job-acceptance letter.


specific name of recipient
name of company or organization

Dear [specific named individual]:

It was certainly wonderful news when you called [day or time of call] to offer me the position as [name of position] for [name of company]. Please consider this letter my formal acceptance.

I am pleased to accept your offer at a salary of $[salary amount here] annually.

As we agreed, my starting date will be [insert starting date].

I also understand that my total compensation package includes [list benefits here].

Thank you again, [specific name of recipient], for offering me this wonderful opportunity, and do let me know if I can do anything in advance of my start date to facilitate the paperwork, or other ways you’d like me to prepare.

I am very much looking forward to being a part of the [name of company or organization] team!



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