Job Interview Question Collections for Job-Seekers


Job-seekers: If you are prepping for a job interview, you'll find all the practice interview questions you could possibly ever want!


One of the best ways to prepare for a job interview is to review lists of typically asked interview questions. You can mentally prepare your answers, and you may even find it helpful to write down your responses, a process that helps you to thoughtfully organize them and compose them in an articulate fashion. Just don't hung up trying to remember your answers word-for-word during the interview.


Many collections are available on the Web. You may want to start with our own Quintessential Careers collection of Traditional Employment Interview Questions, Sample Behavioral Interview Questions, Case Interview Resources, and Job Interview Questions for College Seniors/Recent Grads.


Also check out our Job Interview Questions Database. This section of Quintessential Careers includes The Interview Question Database, 150 typical traditional and behavioral job interview questions, and The Practice Interviews, where job-seekers can test your responses to typical interview questions.



But we also have some favorite interviewing resources that are not part of Quintessential Careers. So remember to check these sites out as well.


The biggest, most comprehensive interview question site we've found:


Question collections with special features:
  • The University of Virginia's Career Services office offers a pdf booklet on Case Interviewing, which has some great information and insights for this particular type of interview.
  • AARP offers a special collection of questions for mid-career and older workers, 10 Tough Interview Questions.


Question collections geared to specific fields. Although some questions in these collections are specific to their fields, the sites also offer more general interview questions:


Behavior-based questions. Sample questions for the increasingly popular behavior-based style of interviewing:


Other interviewing questions collections:


Have you taken advantage of all of our job interviewing resources? Find articles, tutorials, and more -- all written to help job-seekers learn how to succeed in all types of job interviews.