Established Job-Seeker/Career Changer: Intermediate Behavioral Job Interview Practice Questions



Are you prepared for your next interview? How well can you answer these 20 intermediate behavioral job interview questions? Take our practice interview by placing your response to each question in the text blocks below.


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1. Give two examples of things you’ve done in previous jobs that demonstrate your willingness to work hard.


2. Describe the last time that you undertook a project that demanded a lot of initiative.


3. What is the most competitive work situation you have experienced? How did you handle it? What was the result?


4. Describe a project or situation that best demonstrates your analytical abilities.


5. Give an example of when you took a risk to achieve a goal. What was the outcome?


6. Tell about a time when you built rapport quickly with someone under difficult conditions.


7. Some people consider themselves to be “big picture people” and others are detail oriented. Which are you? Give an example that illustrates your preference.


8. Describe a situation where you felt you had not communicated well. How did you correct the situation?


9. Describe a time when you took personal accountability for a conflict and initiated contact with the individual(s) involved to explain your actions.


10. Give me an example of when you were able to meet the personal and professional demands in your life yet still maintained a healthy balance.


11. Everyone has made some poor decisions or has done something that just did not turn out right. Give an example of when this has happened to you.


12. What do you do when you are faced with an obstacle to an important project? Give an example.


13. Tell about the most difficult or frustrating individual that you’ve ever had to work with, and how you managed to work with that person.


14. Tell about a time when your trustworthiness was challenged. How did you react/respond?


15. Describe a situation when you were able to have a positive influence on the actions of others.


16. Tell about a recent job experience that you would describe as a real learning experience? What did you learn from the experience?


17. Describe a team experience you found disappointing. What could you have done to prevent it?


18. Recall a situation in which communications were poor. How did you handle it?


19. Describe a time when you had to make a difficult choice between your personal and professional life.


20. On occasion we are confronted by dishonesty in the workplace. Tell about such an occurrence and how you handled it.



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