Job Interview Questions Database for Job-Seekers

The job interview is the crucial point in your job-search where job-seekers can succeed in convincing prospective employers that you are indeed the ideal candidate for the position you are seeking. Answering job interview questions correctly takes skill, practice, and determination. We’ve developed The Interview Question Database and The Practice Interviews as essential tools for you to practice and perfect your answers to the most common interview questions.

The Interview Question Database:

We have 150 typical traditional and behavioral job interview questions that employers ask of job-seekers for both established job-seekers and college students and recent graduates. View the entire list of questions or go through the list of questions eight at a time and view sample excellent responses.

The Practice Interviews:

Many career experts recommend composing written responses to frequently asked job interview questions as a way to prepare for interviews. Composing responses in writing helps you solidify effective answers in your mind so you won’t be caught off guard in the interview, making you sound exceptionally prepared. Practice writing your responses to these common interview questions — for both experienced job-seekers as well as recent college graduates.

Quintessential Guide to Job Interview Prep bookMake sure you also check out our Interview Tips pages for more interview advice.


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