Internship Do’s and Don’ts for College Students

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by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D.

The value of one or more internships to college students cannot be overstated. Internships have simply become a must for all college students. Internships help you better understand your field, help cement (or at times change) your career goals, and give you the experience employers demand — even of college graduates.

What follows are the key rules, tips, and guidelines that college students need to understand to obtain and make the most of any and all internships.

  • Do try at obtain at least one internship during your college years. And do try to get multiple internships.
  • Do set specific goals for yourself and each internship. Know what you want to accomplish with each internship.
  • Don’t expect all internships to be paid. We wish they all were, but many are not. And do at least consider accepting both paid and nonpaid internships; some of the best internships may not be paid.
  • Do expect to be treated professionally. And do act professionally at all times.
  • Don’t expect internships to just be handed to you; internships must be earned, as with any job.
  • Do utilize your network of family and friends to the fullest to get leads on internships.
  • Do try and schedule regular meetings with your internship supervisor.
  • Don’t pass up opportunities to have experiences beyond the regular scope of the internship that lead to chances to learn more about the company or industry.
  • Do get as much exposure throughout the internship organization as possible.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. And do be open to learning new skills and methodologies.
  • Do find a mentor within the organization, whether it’s your internship supervisor or some other manager.
  • Do make sure you leave your internship with new skills, a better understanding of your field, and tangible accomplishments.
  • Do take advantage of job and career fairs to scout possible internship opportunities.
  • Don’t forget to take advantage of the career services office at your college — they typically have leads to numerous internship opportunities.
  • Do be sure you have a dynamic cover letter, a superior resume, and polished interviewing techniques.
  • Do send thank you letters to all people who interview you — and all the people who help you find an internship.
  • Don’t ever give up in your internship quest. And do exhaust all possible internship leads.
  • Do enjoy your internship — even when you are doing the inevitable grunt work many interns do as part of “paying your dues.”
  • Don’t burn any bridges — even if your internship was not the best.
  • Do keep in touch with key coworkers from your internships — and do cultivate them to become part of your network.
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