Free Sample Letter Requesting an Informational Interview

Sample Letter Requesting an Informational Interview

Here’s a sample cover letter requesting an informational interview:

Mark Steppe, Esq.
1313 Avenue of the Harbors
Suite 4444
Silver City, CA 12345

Dear Mr. Steppe:

I am student at California Western School of Law, beginning my third trimester. Labor law has been of interest to me since I took a class in that subject as an undergraduate. Your firm has an outstanding reputation in that field of practice.

My area of concentration in law school will be labor law. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you briefly and discuss the practice of your specialty. I am especially interested in your views regarding public vs. private employment experience. Any further insights you have would be greatly appreciated.

I will contact your office the week of October 2 to set up a mutually convenient time for this informational meeting.


Jeremy D. Mondaca

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