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Prepare Ahead of Time for the Informational Interview by Conducting Some Research

For an informational interview to be truly effective, you can’t just go into it blindly.

Thorough company research is an absolute necessity when you go on a regular job interview. You don’t have to do quite as much research for an informational interview, but some degree of research will greatly enhance the quality of informational interviews. If you are informed about the company, you’ll be able to ask more intelligent and relevant questions. You’ll respond thoughtfully to information and any questions the interviewee might put to you. You won’t ask questions that could easily have been answered by doing your homework.

A number of great resources are available for company research, many of them right at your fingertips on the Internet. Two excellent resources that walk you through the whole process of company research are the Quintessential Careers Guide to Researching Companies site and our Step-by-Step Guide to Researching Companies.

Other resources include:

  • Company Website
  • Annual Reports
  • Other Company Literature
  • Library Reference Material
  • University Career Service Office

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