Graduate School/Grad Degree/Graduate Program Resources

Here’s a collection of the best resources for helping you find the best graduate degree programs — including master’s, professional, and doctoral degrees.

Quintessential Grad Degree Resources:

Graduae School/Grad Program Resources:

AAMC: Association of American Medical Colleges — includes some great resources for people considering a medical career, including tips and resources for applying to medical school. This organization is also responsible for the standardized test for medical school admission — the MCATs — and you can apply online, find testing dates, and more.

All About Grad School — provides a comprehensive geographic directory of graduate schools in the U.S., focusing on business schools, engineering schools, law schools, and medical schools.

America’s Best Graduate Schools — provides a starting point for college students’ search for graduate schools and career opportunities. — Marr/Kirkwood Official Guide to Business School Webs — a listing of more than 600 B-Schools, of which about 150 are reviewed. Also includes a bibliography of articles on business schools and published B-School rankings, as well as a list of valuable related links.

EssayEdge — with over 100 free sample college and graduate school application essays and pages and pages of essay writing tips, this site is the Net’s largest resource for admissions essay consulting and editing. EssayEdge’s professional Harvard-educated editors have helped thousands of satisfied customers gain entrance into their first choice school.

ETS Net — from the Educational Testing Service, producers of the Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) and Graduate Record Examination (GRE), among others. Also includes links related to careers, financial aid, and colleges and universities. — a free practice test site whose goal is to partner with the standardized testing industry and provide practice exams ranging from middle school exams to career promoting exams. Current exams include college CLEP, graduate (GMAT, GRE), high school (GED, AP, SAT), and Microsoft certification. A member of the Power Students. — a nice collection of professional tips and advice about getting accepted into medical school, including advice about choosing medical schools, MCAT study tips, succeeding in interviews, completing medical school applications, and more. More extensive tips and professional counseling available for a fee.

Get Recruited — which allows all students to be recruited (for free) by colleges, universities, graduate schools, and professional schools. Students simply need to complete a brief online questionnaire, which is then sent to colleges and universities around the U.S. Schools that determine matches with you will then contact you via email or postal mail with more information. Free. — an online directory of 18,000 graduate and post-graduate programs worldwide including descriptions, contact information and institutional advertising. — a comprehensive guide to professional, master’s, and doctoral degree programs, including information by fields of study as well as financial aid options. Searchable.

Graduate School on The Princeton Review — all sorts of advice and resources to help individuals find, get accepted, and pay for the graduate program/school you want to attend. Also includes information about grad school testing.

GradView — a great resource for getting information about graduate studies. Includes virtual tours of top graduate schools, graduate school financial aid resources, testing and graduate school admissions resources, and information and resources on careers after graduate school. A great resource for those considering graduate education.

Jobs for Job-Seekers with Graduate Degrees — if you’re wondering about the types of jobs and career opportunities available to you with a graduate degree, then check out this section of Quintessential Careers.

Law School Admissions Council Online — a nonprofit organization whose members are 194 law schools in Canada and the U.S. This site has all sorts of information, including about the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), which this organizations administers.

Student Doctor Network — if you have thoughts about a medical career, then you need to go to this site, where you can learn about medical and dental school and help reach your goals. The real strength of the site are its Student Forums, where you can read and post messages — a great information source for both current medical students as well as pre-med students. Free to students. — gives college students the opportunity to read and write uncensored reviews of their professors and classes — and for prospective students to get a real feel for a college�s courses and teachers. Also includes GRE study guides and campus-specific content (such as reviews of local apartments). Free.