Job and Career Resources for Global Job-Seekers

This page is all about career and job sites geared especially for global and international job-seekers.

Quintessential Careers Global Career Resources:

Culturally Competent Resumes for the Global Job Market — tips for preparing your resume with an international perspective by presenting your personal information in a culturally sensitive manner.

Global Job-Search Do’s and Don’ts — some tips and suggestions for achieving your goals in a global job-search and reaping the benefits of an international work experience.

International Job-Seeker Quiz — do you have what it takes to work internationally? Take this quiz and test your global job readiness.

Myths and Mistakes of International Job-Hunting — international job-searching and resume writing is centered in a series of myths and mistakes that take job-seekers down a long and frustrating path. Learn the realities.

10 Essential Tips for Landing a Job Overseas — some great tips and suggestions for improving your chances of achieving your dream of working overseas. A must-read for any job-seeker contemplating an international career.

Working Abroad Tutorial: How to Find an International Job or Internship — free and detailed tutorial helps college students and recent grads find overseas internships or jobs.

Global/International Job/Career Books — a growing collection of the best career and job-search books for job-seekers searching for international jobs.

Quintessential Directory of Company Career Centers — Top Global Companies — go directly to the corporate career center (or HR department) of some of the top public companies in the world.

Guide to Researching Companies, Industries, Countries — a well-organized collection of the best online and print resources for job-seekers who need to conduct research on specific companies, industries, or countries.

Global and International Job Sites for Job-Seekers:

Global and Worldwide Job Resources — here are the best county and region specific career and job sites, sorted by country and by region of the world, for all job-seekers.

International Job Resources — if you are looking for employment anywhere in the world, these are the job sites you need to visit because they allow you to search for jobs in multiple countries and regions of the world.

Additional Global Career Resources for Job-Seekers: — a comprehensive guide with key resource links to career prospects, education and training facilities — including universities and colleges, professional institutes, industry associations, jobs, and immigration rules in Australia, Canada, India, Singapore, the UK, and the U.S. Free to job-seekers.

GOINGLOBAL.COM — provides detailed job and career information on more than 20 countries around the world. A good source of “topline” information about job-hunting in each of these countries; more detailed information is going to cost you in the form of detailed country guides.

Transitions Abroad — a bimonthly full-color magazine with practical information on living, working, studying, or vacationing alongside the people of the host country. A great collection of resources for all types of international job-seekers (students, short-term, full-time, and others). Resources are free while there is a subscription fee for the actual magazine.

Please note: if you are looking for a job in a specific occupation, you might also want to look in the list of industry-specific job Websites. Or, if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for on this page, check out: General Job Sites.