General Job Sites for Job-Seekers, Q-U


There are thousands of general job sites on the Web. We list and describe many of them here, Q-U


General Job Web Sites for Job-Seekers






    QuietAgent -- a passive job-search site for job-seekers. To get started, you simply provide information about your past experiences and describe the type of job you are seeking -- which you do anonymously. You will only receive an email when employers want to contact you about a job. No cost to job-seekers.


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R -- where job-seekers can search job listings from around the world (by country, keywords, salary, job type, and job source), post your resume, register for a job-search agent, receive job listing text messages, and more. Free to job-seekers.


    Resumes2Work -- where job-seekers can search job listings (by keyword, job category, and location), post multiple versions of your resume, register for an email job alert, and find career articles and links. Free to job-seekers.


    Roletroll -- a new type of job site -- testing now for finance and software professionals -- in which job-seekers upload your resume and get it matched to a list of job openings aggregated from multiple sources, with the result a list of top-matched jobs. No cost to job-seekers.


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    Spark Hire -- a video-powered hiring network that connects job seekers and employers through video resumes and online interviews. Job-seekers can set up a profile, record a video resume, search job listings, and participate in job interviews. No cost to job-seekers for basic services.


    StartUpHire -- a job site for job-seekers searching for jobs with venture capital backed start-up companies. You can search job listings (by industry, geography, functional area, investors, keywords), as well as establish a job-search agent for future listings. No cost to job-seekers.


    State Jobs -- a directory of job recruitment agencies, organized by state. Includes information about each agency's specialty, along with key contact information and Website. No cost to job-seekers.


    Super Job Search from Peter K. Studner Associates -- free information that will make any job search easier. Included are lists of public domain recruiters, answers to tough job search questions, links to job posting sites and useful addresses and lists of candidate profiles for company and recuriters wishing new talent. Fee-based service.

  -- a bilingual job site, where job-seekers can browse or search job postings for the United States and Canada, as well as submit your resume for potential employers to review. Free to job-seekers.


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    TeleportJobs -- where job-seekers can search job listings (by job type, location, keyword), as well as post your resume. Management page helps you keep track of your resumes, applications, and invitations from employers. No cost to job-seekers.

  -- a free career site for all job seekers from the Allegis Group. Job searches, online resume posting, job alerts, and career tools, are a few of the many features available to job-seekers. You can search for jobs by job categories, keywords, location, and date the job was posted. Free to job-seekers.

  -- a job site that lists the top jobs from numerous "niche" industry and geographic-specific job boards. Job-seekers can search for job listings (by category, location, job title, and job detail keywords), or go directly to the individual job boards. Free to job-seekers.


    TweetMyJobs -- with 8,000+ vertical job channels segmented by geography, job type, and industry, this site is able to connect employers and recruiters with job-seekers instantly any time a new job is posted. Simple register to get instant notification of newly posted job opportunities and internships. No cost to job-seekers.

  -- a job search engine for Twitter, where job-seekers enter search keyword(s) and receive immediate results of tweets for job openings. No cost to job-seekers.


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    Unicru -- where job-seekers looking for full-time and part-time hourly jobs from major employers -- many in retail -- can search for jobs by location and type, and then apply online. Includes a job matching service for members. Also include articles on career and financial topics. Free to job-seekers.


    USAJOBS -- a one-stop source for job-seekers seeking information about jobs and employment with the United States Federal Government. Job-seekers can search for jobs (by keyword, location, and occupation), post your resume, and register for a job-matching email service. Also includes lots of other resources and tips for finding employment with the government. Free to job-seekers.

  -- a national employment network formed by an alliance between two nonprofit associations to provide job seekers in all industries and occupations, entry-level to chief executive officer, employment and career opportunities nationwide. Search postings or browse by company. No cost to job-seekers.


    Uvisor -- offers job-seekers a five-step process for finding the right career and right job, from "Define Yourself" (where you provide basic information about yourself) to "Get Hired" (an automated job matching service based on your personal data). Job-seekers can also search for job listings directly (using keyword, location, industry). No cost to job-seekers.


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