General Job Sites for Job-Seekers, V-Z

There are thousands of general job sites on the Web. We list and describe many of them here, V-Z

General Job Web Sites for Job-Seekers


V — well-known for its insider reports on thousands of companies, this site has branched out into recruitment and claims to have more than 130,000 job postings from almost 7,000 employers, which job-seekers can search through multiple criteria (such as job categories, keywords, location, experience level, posting date). Job-seekers can also sign-up for an email job criteria matching service.

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W — a job site for working couples (husband/wife teams, parent/child, friend/friend, significant others) seeking employment together. Job-seekers can search or browse job postings, post your resume, register for email updates, and find useful articles. No cost to job-seekers.

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Y — an innovative job site that combines a job board with social networking, where job-seekers create a detailed e-portfolio that employers seeking to fill staffing positions can find job-seekers and for which matching job opportunities are emailed. No cost to job-seekers. — a not-for-profit project whose purpose is to assist today’s youth in making informed decisions about your future vocations. Read what others say about their current careers, including their level of satisfaction and pros and cons of their occupation. You can even email some of them with more questions. Free to job-seekers.

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