FAQ: Facts About QuintCareers.com, the Web’s Most Comprehensive and Empowering Career Development Site

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Quintessential Careers, an empowering career, college, and job-search sites with expert tools and resources for everyone — from teens to mature workers.

What kind of information and resources can I find?

Quintessential Careers is one of the most comprehensive career development sites on the Web. We offer helpful information, resources, and key links on all aspects of college and graduate studies, on career exploration and assessment, and on job-hunting strategies and tools.

Quintessential Careers has resources for people of all ages — from teens to mature workers; for job-seekers in all industries; and for job-seekers in all parts of the U.S. and around the world. Check out these:

What types of career resources do you have?

Quintessential Careers offers a comprehensive career toolbox, including:

Find our entire catalog of resources in our Career Resources Toolkit.

How do I find the best job boards and resume posting sites?

Quintessential Careers is constantly searching the Web for the best job sites for job-seekers. Here’s how we categorize the job boards for you:

Can I search for jobs with your site?

Job-seekers who are searching for internships, part-time, and full-time positions can use our job-hunting portal to find job listings employers across the U.S.

Looking for employment? Use the Quintessential Careers Job-Hunting Portal, powered by LiveCareer.

Can I post my resume on your site?

At this time, we do not offer the opportunity to post resumes on our site, but we do recommend you find the best select group of job boards to do so.

And you can now post your resume directly on LiveCareer.com.

What college or graduate school information do you have?

Quintessential Careers publishes numerous articles on all aspects of college and graduate studies, from finding the best program for your needs to succeeding once in school. We also provide links to the best college and graduate school sites. We even have information about distance learning and educational resources for older students.

Go to our college planning resources page, or go to one of these pages:

Where can I find free job-hunting samples and examples?

Quintessential Careers truly believes that sometimes the best learning comes from seeing and doing, thus we provide numerous samples and examples — of all types of college, career, and job-search activities.

We offer:

Find them all in this section of our site: Job-Hunting Samples and Examples.

Do you have any career tests and quizzes?

Quintessential Careers offers numerous tests and quizzes on all aspects of work, careers, and job-hunting, including: