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Dynamic Cover Letters:
How to Write the Letter that Gets You the Job

Dynamic Cover Letters Book Cover


by career experts Katharine Hansen, Ph.D. and
Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D.


Publisher: Ten Speed Press


ISBN: 1-58008-227-0


3rd edition of this cover letter bible!


Dynamic Cover Letters has sold more than 100,000 copies, but is currently out of print. If you don't have your own copy, used ones are still available, so buy a copy for yourself today!!


How This Dynamic Cover Letters Site is Organized:



Cover Letter Tutorial:


Dynamic Cover Letters Tutorial For Developing a Stunningly Effective Cover Letter.


Because our books are out of print, this recently revised tutorial condenses and highlights some of the most important points from our Dynamic Cover Letter Books, and is a comprehensive guide, with more than 100 pages of expert information and examples -- and is a useful tool for all job-seekers.


If you are looking for cover letter samples, including samples for college students and new grads in the most popular majors, you should follow this link for a large selection of dynamic cover letter samples.



About the Book: Dynamic Cover Letters


This indispensable and reasonably priced guide for job seekers -- with more than 100,000 copies sold -- contains everything you need to create a stunningly effective cover letter. Previous editions of this popular book helped more than one hundred thousand job-hunters dress up their resumes and job applications with the kind of dynamic, informative letters that employers respond to.


Now, in this expanded and updated third edition, career experts Katharine Hansen and Randall Hansen zoom in on cutting-edge issues -- such as job-hunting on the Internet -- plus deliver those rock-solid basics that readers have come to depend on.


Simple, step-by-step instructions and tons of real-life cover letters will show you how to create a dynamic cover letter for any position. Write a cover letter that can:
make your resume stand out amidst hundreds of equally -- or better -- qualified competitors
increase your rate of employer response by a factor of 85 -- or more!
help you uncover hidden job opportunities
turn a lack of experience or education, or other "minuses," into "plusses"
get the salary you deserve


New features include techniques for tailoring cover letters for fax and email transmission, sneaky delivery stunts, scooping the competition, a first-ever cover letter quiz, and a wealth of key resources for job-hunting on the Internet.


In addition, this book features new sample letters to accompany those well-tested over the years -- every one of them a winner -- sure to inspire a wide range of readers from recent college grads to midlife career changers.


Other tools include grammar and style dos and don'ts, a "cover letter hall of shame" that highlights things you absolutely must not do, line-by-line critiques of sample letters, and worksheets to help you create that essential dynamic cover letter for yourself.



Table of Contents


Note: We have put the highlights of the contents of this book into our Dynamic Cover Letters Tutorial For Developing a Stunningly Effective Cover Letter. Other cover-letter resources, including plenty of samples, can be found in our Cover Letter Resources for Job-Seekers.


Introduction to the Third Edition


Send Not Thy Resume Naked Into the World


Three Kinds of Cover Letters
The Uninvited or Cold-Contact Cover Letter
The Invited Cover Letter
The Referral Letter


The Basics
The Cover Letter Formula
Dear So and So
Attention-Grabbing Beginnings
The Clever Angle
Praising the Employer
Pasting a Copy of the Ad to Your Letter


The Body of the Letter
Your Unique Selling Proposition
Broadcast Your Accomplishments
The Screening Process
Turning a No into a Yes
Transferable Skills
The Bottom Line
Two Magic Words


Tips for a Dynamic Format
Demonstrating Your Ideas
Closing Your Letter
Adding a Postscript
Avoiding the Three Most Common Mistakes
Do's and Don'ts
Action Verbs


A Cover-Letter Worksheet


Cover Letter Makeovers
Writing-style Guideline
Editing/Re-writing Checklist
Editing Exercises


Mechanics: Printing, Packaging, and Mailing
The Output
The Font
The Paper
The Envelopes
The Perfect Package
When to Mail
Delivery Stunts
Other Delivery Methods
Keeping a Record


Using Cover Letters Creatively


Sticky Issues
Salary Requirements
Letters of Recommendation
Negatives in Your Job History


Follow-up Letters
Post-Interview Thank You Letters
Follow-up to a Rejection
Declining Letters
Acceptance Letters


Cover Letter Hall of Shame
Characteristics of an Ineffective Cover Letter
The Two Worst Cover Letters We Ever Saw




The Big Picture
Domino Effect
Test Your Marketability


Sources of Hidden Job Opportunities


Job-Hunting on the Internet


Cover Letter Quiz
The Quiz
The Answers


Cover Letter Honor Roll: Sample Letters
Letters from Recent Graduates -- see an example
Letter Requesting a Summer Job
Letter Seeking a Summer Internship
Letter to a College Placement Office
Letters requesting an Informational Interview -- see an example
Referral Letters -- see an example
Self-Referral Letters
Letter to Executive-Search Firm
Letter to a Professional Organization
Letters that Highlight
Clever-Angle Letters
Cold-Contact Letters -- see an example
Letter Seeking Consulting/Freelance Work
Classified Ad Response Letter -- see an example
Blind-Box Ad Response Letter
Responses to Job Postings on the Web
Thank You Letters -- see an example


Key Career and Job Web Sites





Ordering Information


Purchase it through Amazon Books, the best bookstore on the Web!


Also available at many local bookstores or through the publisher:
    Ten Speed Press
    Box 7123
    Berkeley, CA 94707
    Phone for orders: 800/841-2665 or 510/559-1629
    Fax for orders: 510/559-1629
    ISBN Number: 1-58008-227-0
    Order online: Ten Speed Press



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And if you're looking for advice about how to use the Internet in your job search, you need to visit our newly created Guides to Job-Hunting on the Internet.


For specific cover letter resources, we have also created the Dynamic Cover Letters Cover Letter Resources Guide.


Finally, if you're stumped on how cover letters fit into your job-hunt, you better check out these Ten Most Commonly Asked Questions About Cover Letters.



Other Career and Job-Search Book Projects


Drs. Katharine and Randall Hansen are involved in a number of other books projects. For a current list of our books, please go to this page on Quintessential Careers: Quintessential Careers Books.




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