Free Professional Sample Job-Search Cover Letters

Dynamic Cover Letters for Job Seekers: Cover Letter Examples

These 40+ free professional cover letter samples — for both experienced job-seekers and for college students and recent grads — should provide you with some great ideas as you prepare your dynamic cover letter.


Here are some free dynamic cover letters, which are also sometimes referred to as job-search letters.

Helpful Cover Letter Resources:

General Job-Search Cover Letter Samples:

Note: The cover letter samples below are in PDF format and require a program such as Adobe Acrobat Reader to be opened and read:

Mid-Manager and Higher Job-Search Cover Letter Samples:


New College Grad Internship, Grad School, and Job-Search Cover Letter Samples:

  • Cover Letter Sample #34: International investments cover letter: This college grad makes a strong case for his Unique Selling Proposition in his cover letter.
  • Cover Letter Sample #35: Medical-equipment sales cover letter: This college grad uses her cover letter to tell the employer what she seeks.
  • Cover Letter Sample #36: Public-relations cover letter: This college grad uses her cover letter to convey her enthusiasm for public relations. Note that she makes a smart connection between her Spanish-language skills and the employer’s location.
  • Cover Letter Sample #37: Healthcare consulting cover letter: This grad conveys his passion for the healthcare sector in his letter.
  • Cover Letter Sample #38: Financial services cover letter: This college grad shows his knowledge and appreciation of the targeted employer in his cover letter.
  • Cover Letter Sample #39: Summer analyst internship cover letter: This student focuses on his applicable skills and experience.
  • Cover Letter Sample #40: Travel consultant cover letter: The new grad uses an attention-grabbing cover-letter opener and a reader-friendly bulleted style. The wording in the bullet points reflects wording in the ad to which the letter responds.
  • Cover Letter Sample #41: Artist cover letter: A solid understanding of what is needed in the targeted job distinguishes this cover letter.
  • Cover Letter Sample #42: IT programming cover letter: This college grad explains that she plans to relocate to the employer’s city.
  • Cover Letter Sample #43: Customer-service cover letter: This grad does a great of blending his unusual language fluencies with his interest in customer service.


Storied Cover Letter Samples:

  • Cover Letter Sample #44: Storied cover letter: Sample cover letter that uses Attention — Stimulate Deires — Reinforce with Reasons method for storied cover letter.


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Other Sample Job-Search Letters for Job-Seekers:


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