Industry-Specific Job Boards for Job-Seekers: Jobs in Technical, Telecommunications, Computers, Software, Web, and Information Technology (IT)

Looking for a computer industry job? What follows is a collection of the best job boards and career resources for the IT, computer, telecom, and technical industries. If it relates to technology employment, then we have it listed here for you.

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Quintessential Careers: Jobs in Computers, IT

IT Jobs — search job listings by company, location, and keywords.

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Computer and Technology-Related Niche Job Boards

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Career & Job Center — a job board for connecting IT educators, researchers, and industry professionals with career opportunities with academic, government, and corporate employers. Job-seekers can search job listings (by keyword, location, job type), post your resume, register for job alerts, and find career resources. No cost to job-seekers. — a job board for Web designers and other creative professionals seeking full-time or freelance opportunities. Job-seekers can browse job listings or search by keywords, as well as subscribe to a job matching alert system. No cost of job-seekers.

Code Jobs — a job site for computer programmers seeking software development jobs, where job-seekers can search job listings (by keywords, job description, job type, and location) as well as post your resume. No cost to job-seekers.

Computer Jobs Finder — where job-seekers searching for a computer-related job can browse job listings by one of 18 categories (such as networking, programming, ERP, help desk, etc.) or by state. You can also post your resume. Free to job-seekers. — the employment Web site for technology professionals that offers regional and skill-specific job opportunities and career resources. Besides a collection of national job openings, also includes job openings in Atlanta, Carolina, Chicago, D.C. Metro, Florida, and Texas. — offering more than 10,000 jobs from 450 recruiting firms from across the U.S. for programmers, DBA’s, analysts, network engineers, and all IT/IS professionals. Free.

Corp-Corp — a job board for IT and computer professionals seeking consulting and contract work opportunities, where job-seekers can browse or search job listings from recruiters. Company uses a search technology called FETCH to connect recruiters and candidates. Site also includes IT industry news and events. No cost to job-seekers.

Dev Bistro — a job and freelancing site for Web developers and other IT job-seekers, where you can search for job/freelancing listings (by keyword, city, region) and post your profile/resume. Free to job-seekers. — a great job site for technology professionals — and one of most well-known. Job-seekers can search through tens of thousands of job openings (by job type, location, as well as by metro area or employer), post your resume and confidential profile, create an email job alert, and find great career resources. Free to job-seekers.

Diversity/Careers in Engineering & Information Technology Magazine — this Web site offers something for both professionals and college students related to engineering and IT. Scan job openings, post your resume, subscribe to one of two versions of the magazine.

ERP-Jobs — where professionals with enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence (BI), enterprise application integration (EAI), e-commerce solutions, as well as Web site developers, and network and infrastructure managers, can search for new jobs or projects. Job-seekers can also submit profiles, as well as use a matching agent. Free to job-seekers.

FreshWebJobs — a job board with a declared goal of bringing together companies and professionals who take interests in latest web technologies, web standards, and web design trends. Job-seekers can browse job postings (full-time and freelance). No cost to job-seekers.

Graduating Engineer and Computer Careers — a career and information center for young engineering and computer science majors starting your careers. Simply a wealth of information and resources to prepare you and help you land that job — or apply to graduate school. Free to job-seekers.

icrunchdata — a job and networking site for information technology/computer/technical professionals, where job-seekers can browse job listings by posting date or search job listings (by keyword. job category, job type, and location), post your resume, and network with other job-seekers. No cost to job-seekers.

IT Jobs Online — a job site for IT professionals seeking employment in the U.K. and throughout Europe. Job-seekers can search by job listings (by skills, county, job type, and keywords), register, and then apply directly to each position. No cost to job-seekers.

Jobsbridge — a comprehensive career and job portal for information technology experts in software, hardware, security, and high-tech areas. Job-seekers can search job listings (by keyword, location), as well as post (or build) your resume. No cost to job-seekers.

Jobs for Programmers — where programmers and software engineers can browse or search through hundreds of programming jobs as well as post your resume. Includes programmer links. Free to job-seekers. — a job gateway for IT professionals, with more than 45 niche IT job boards based on IT specialty, such as,,, etc. Job-seekers can post your resume or search for jobs (by state, keyword, company, posting date). Free to job-seekers.

My Nice Job — a job site for IT professionals, where you can post your resume or browse job openings. Must establish an account to do anything on this site. Free to job-seekers. — a meta-jobsite for IT professionals featuring the largest collection of IT job postings — collected from thousands of other job and employer site. Job-seekers can search for jobs by skill(s) and location. No cost to job-seekers.

OnContracting — helps contractors (software developers, marketers, accountants, etc.) looking for contract jobs with hard-to-find information to assist you in exploring and selecting who you want to work for — and networking with recruiters at staffing companies who can help get jobs at preferred companies.

OperationIT Source — a unique site where both freelancers and job-seekers can search for projects or full-time positions. Job-seekers can search for jobs and post your resumes. Free to job-seekers.

SEO Job Finder — a job site for Web professionals with an interest in SEO, SEM, PPC, Web development, Web copywriting, and social media jobs. You can browse job listings by category or search by keywords, as well as sign-up for job email alerts. No cost to job-seekers. — a job site for job-seekers searching computer, tech, and IT jobs. Job-seekers can search job listings (by keyword, location, category, employment type), post your resume, and register for job alerts. No cost to job-seekers.

TelecomCareers.Net — devoted exclusively to the telecommunications industry, with a goal of becoming the largest and most used site on the Web for finding telecommunications jobs and applicants. Job-seekers can post your resumes and search for jobs. Also includes helpful links and resources. Free to job-seekers. — a great job site for technical, computer, and energy professionals. Browse through job listings or search for open positions (by keyword or location). Job-seekers can also submit your resume and create a job-search agent. Focus is on Southeastern U.S. Free to job-seekers. — a job site for for job-seekers seeking telecom, radio, mobile computing, bluetooth, wimax, wifi, and mobile telecom jobs around the world, where job-seekers can search job listings (by keyword, location, position, technology and business sector), as well as post your resume. No cost to job-seekers. And don’t forget that for the complete list of career books (including books about a career in the computer amd telecom industries), check out the Quintessential Careers Bookstore, in association with Amazon Books.

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