Conquering the Real World: A Guide for Achieving Success After College

Expert Career Advice for New Grads for Your New Life After College

Insights, Tips, and Tools to Assist You in the Transition from College to Career/Job — a Free Tutorial

After years and years of attending school, from those first days of kindergarten to the final days of college, your life is about to change drastically.

No longer are you going to have books, teachers, and tests — but you’re also no longer getting huge chunks of vacation time. The routine you have known your whole life — of getting up, going to classes, and studying — is about to change drastically.

To help ease your transition from college to career, the team at Quintessential Careers has developed this tutorial. Each of the 10 major sections of this Conquering the Real World Tutorial is designed to provide you with insights and tools to help you manage this entirely new lifestyle you are about to face.

As you face your last days of college and look at the precipice of the worklife facing you, remember that this is the moment you have been looking forward to for many years — of finally starting your independent adult life. Best of luck!!

Where to begin? We suggest you go through all the steps of the tutorial, but feel free to just jump in wherever you feel you need helpful advice and resources. Follow this link to a map of the tutorial, or simply use the right arrow below to begin the tutorial.

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