Time to Change Jobs… or Careers? A Quintessential Careers Quiz

by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D.

In today’s work environment, job-seekers change jobs, employers, and careers on a regular basis. Gone are the days when any job-seeker gets hired and plans a long-term employment with an employer. In fact, recent studies indicate that the average worker will change careers — not just jobs — several times over the course of a lifetime. But how do you know when it’s time to change jobs and when it’s time to change careers? Take our career change quiz and reflect on your answers and your score.

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Directions: Choose the statement that best describes how you feel.

  1. a. I have never really felt comfortable in this career.
    b. I still have a passion for what I do, just not my current job.
  2. a. I really love my boss and co-workers, but I’ve become bored with what I do.
    b. I feel as though my current work environment has soured my outlook.
  3. a. I long for my weekends and vacations when I have time for my hobbies.
    b. I love numerous hobbies, but enjoy them simply as a diversion from work.
  4. a. I have so many years invested in this career that I simply can’t change now.
    b. I am ready to make the next job in my career path — wherever that takes me.
  5. a. I continually find new ways to reinvent myself and keep my career fresh.
    b. While change is hard for me, I know I need to switch careers.
  6. a. My family pushed me into this career and I don’t want to do it anymore.
    b. I’ve always found this career interesting, but am now in a dead-end job.
  7. a. I really want to move to another career, but I just don’t have any experience.
    b. I haven’t had a promotion in years, and feel unappreciated by my employer.
  8. a. I feel uncomfortable at work, even to the point of being physically ill.
    b. I still am paying off my education for my current career; I can’t switch now.
  9. a. I’m not really happy with my current situation because the challenge is gone for me.
    b. I’m not really happy with my current situation because I’ve never enjoyed this field.
  10. a. I still love the work that I do, but this job has become too predictable and boring.
    b. I loved the work in the beginning – I think – but have lost interest over the years.
  11. a. The longer I stay at my job, the more I feel I am an imposter.
    b. The longer I stay in this field, the more people rely on me for my expertise.
  12. a. I would like to make a career change, but don’t have any idea about a better career for me.
    b. I am ready to make the move to the next level, but my employer doesn’t see it.
  13. a. My life has become much too complicated, and I need to find a better balance.
    b. My life has become too complicated, and I need an employer who values me.
  14. a. I’ve reached an age where it is simply too late for me to make a big change in my career.
    b. I’ve reached an age where I am well-respected in my career field, but not by my employer.
  15. a. My job has not changed much for a number of years, and I feel I’ve outgrown it.
    b. My priorities have changed, and I need to find a career that matches them.
  16. a. I love my job, but feel I am not maximizing my potential.
    b. My current career path does not match my long-term goals.
  17. a. I’ve reached the highest possible position within my current organization, yet need more.
    b. I want to make a radical change but feel I’m too old to go back to school.
  18. a. I would like to make a career change, but I cannot risk it financially or emotionally.
    b. I am not at all satisfied by my current job, but it provides me with a great income.
  19. a. I’ve reached a point in my life where it is time to get what I’m due.
    b. I’ve reached a point in my life where it is time for me to find my true calling.
  20. a. I want to control my own destiny, perhaps be my own boss.
    b. I want to find an employer who will truly value my talents and abilities.

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