Career Branding Tutorial: Take Your Career to the Next Level


Insights, Tips, and Tools to Assist You in the Creation or Refinement of Your Career Brand — a Free Tutorial


This free tutorial is all about honesty and soul-searching — of taking inventory of your career — so that you can develop a career brand that will help you move your career and job-search to the next level!


You must be committed to completing a lot of work as you go through this tutorial — and the good news is when the tutorial is complete, you should be giant steps ahead of where you are right now.


This is a tutorial that ties a valuable business skill — perhaps the most valuable business skill — to your career… MARKETING!!


Where to begin? We suggest you go through all the steps of the tutorial, but feel free to just jump in wherever you feel you need helpful advice and resources. Follow this link to a map of the tutorial, or simply use the right arrow below to begin the tutorial.


What is branding — and why is it important? For a primer, read our article, Building Your Personal Brand.




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