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Help envision and plan your career, job, work future with these self-assessment and career discovery tests.

What if you’re not sure of what kind of job or career you want? Not sure what to do with your life? Need some career direction? Spend some time here and take one or more of the following self-assessment tests to give you a better idea of your attitudes and interests as they relate to possible career choices.

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Quintessential Careers Assessment Tools:

  • For Everyone — Students, Job-Seekers, Career-Changers:
    CareerClover — a detailed assessment that will help you uncover your interests, behaviors and work style. Use the detailed report from this validated career test to help choose a career that will make you feel more fulfilled at work.

  • For Teens and Young Adults:
    QuintCareers Assessment Powered by JVIS — developed to assist high school and college students, and adults with educational and career planning, the Jackson Vocational Interest Survey will help you discover the college majors and rewarding careers that match your interests. Provides a detailed report, with career implications and jobs that match your pattern. Top-rated. Fee-based.
  • For Established Job-Seekers or Career Changers:
    CareerMaze — if you’re looking for some career direction, then taking this assessment might be just the answer for you. This assessment is an online tool designed to help you find your future by increasing your self-knowledge. Provides a detailed report, with career implications and jobs that match your pattern. Top-rated. Fee-based.
  • MAPP (Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential) Assessment. Fill in a questionnaire that has 71 triads of three statements. Assessment is designed to guide, motivate, and empower people to achieve your greatest educational and career potential. Provides “teaser” results sent via e-mail; more details and guidance available for a fee. Free.

Other Assessment Assortments:

  • — a site dedicated to helping you learn more about yourself. The site includes access to numerous online tests and assessments for self-discovery (including career assessment, values competencies, and work personality). Membership, assessments, and abbreviated results are free, but you must pay for detailed test results.

Other Excellent Assessment Tools:

  • Career Directions Inventory at — identifies your career interests (highest and lowest) and then tells you what jobs match your results in your highest scored categories. Also includes workplace fit preferences using seven approaches to work (and based on Holland Scale). Results are presented in text and graphic form. No cost to job-seekers for basic report.
  • — provides online career testing, as well as free career and job-search information, to help job-seekers discover your true purpose in life and their ideal career. A good source for high school students to career changers. Uses RIASEC method of matching your interests and skills with potential careers.Some elements free; others fee-based.
  • Keirsey Temperament Sorter. Fill in a questionnaire of about 70 questions, which is automatically scored on the Web. Your results will be in the form of Myers-Briggs Types, and suggestions of appropriate careers are made. Free.

Other Career Assessments:

  • Myers Briggs Personality Tests from Ransdell Associates — personality and career preference tests, including Myers-Briggs and Strong Interest Inventory Tests, where you can learn more about yourself and career options. Fee-based.
  • JOBehaviors — provides dozens of job-specific assessments for jobs in a variety of high-demand industries with the goal of helping people find the right job. By identifying the behaviors critical for success and job compatibility, the assessments identify the job that is the best behavioral fit for you. No cost to job-seekers.
  • JobDiagnosis — a career assessment where students, career-changers, job-seekers, retirees — people of any age and experience — take a short test to assess your interests, skills, abilities, and competencies to see what career path you should follow. No cost to job-seekers.
  • Work Preference Inventory. Based on the premise that the process of values clarification is very important in career planning, the Work Preference Inventory gives you a small glimpse that helps you to clarify what you value in terms of work style to assist you in making more fulfilling and rewarding career and employment decisions. For best results, use Java-script-enabled browser.
  • The Career Key. Developed by Dr. Lawrence K. Jones, this assessment measures your personality, finds jobs that match your skills, interests, and personality, and then provides links to the U.S. government’s Occupational Outlook Handbook to learn more about the jobs that best fit you.
  • The Big Five Personality Test. While this personality assessment is not strictly career-oriented, it does provide insight that can be applied to careers. It ranks you on scales of closed-minded vs. open to new experiences; disorganized vs. conscientious; introverted vs. extraverted, disagreeable vs. agreeable, calm vs. high-strung.
  • — the only assessment site that offers the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Instrument online. Take the 93-question assessment online and get the results (a seven-page report) emailed back to you. Includes lifetime access to client support area. Fee-based.
  • Carolyn Kalil’s Personality Assessment (True Colors) — a personality system that is modeled as a graphical presentation of both Keirsey’s Temperament and the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator. The assessment asks you to choose one of two ways to finish 36 statements. The results can help you define your skills and talents — and possibly direct you to various career paths.
  • Sokanu — pronounced, So Can You, this site’s mission is to connect every person with the career they are meant to be in. Using the results of your unique character, interests, and abilities to analyze your compatibility with recommended career. Claims to have the largest, most detailed database of careers. No cost.
  • 3SmartCubes — where visitors will find a variety of tests, including aptitude tests, career tests, personality tests, and relationship tests. Elements of each test may be free, but a fee is charged for full reports.
  • — a unique career assessment and aptitude test (that determines your dominant brain hemisphere in relationship to left brain, right brain dominance) that can help you make better life decisions. Use WhatHalf for college search, career change, professional development and more. No cost sample test; full test must be purchased.

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