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AOL Jobs Hot Site Award Quintessential Careers has been honored with the label of “Hot Jobs Site” by AOL Jobs.

“We created the AOL Hot Job Site Awards program to recognize employment inspired sites that offer fresh, exciting and intriguing perspectives in serving job seekers and providing enhanced job search experiences and career guidance.Our editors have hand-picked your site in recognition of the fresh, exciting and useful perspective you provide job seekers every day.” QuintCareers… Winner of the AOL Jobs Hot Site Award December 13, 2010.

Most Useful Sites on the Internet for 50 plus adults Quintessential Careers has been honored with the label of “Most Useful 50+ Site” by

May 2008: “, the premier online guide for adults ages 50-64, has named one of the Web’s “Most Useful Sites” for information on Careers & Education & Self-Improvement. has researched thousands of Web sites. We share only the most useful, comprehensive ones with our visitors. We provide them with a detailed description of what your site has to offer, and enable them to click directly to you. You can see how we display your site in the Careers & Education & Self-Improvement topic of our most useful websites. We wish again to congratulate you on this prestigious honor.”

Quintessential Careers has been honored with the label of a Forbes Favorite in the Spring 2003 Best of the Web.

“Start your specialty job search here. Use the pull-down menu on the homepage to access annotated lists of job hunting sites, sorted by industry. Choose from 15 groupings, which cover the gamut from business, legal and teaching to science, architecture and sports. Site rosters are longest in technology (53 job sites, including and healthcare (48, with listings as specific as Each hotlinked site is accompanied by a helpful description of its areas of specialization, resources and fee/registration requirements. Check out the Job Sites by Category page for sites devoted to “Cool, Unusual and Seasonal” job listings in national parks, resorts and the like (, anyone?). This full-service job-hunting site also offers a wealth of career content, including articles, quizzes and tutorials.”

We are very pleased to be able to inform you that our judges have decided your web site more than deserves our award! Thank you for adding to the wealth of the Internet.

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