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Quintessential Careers Site Award


Quintessential Careers Site Award

An award for the quintessential college, career, and job sites.


Quintessential Careers honors one career or job site each issue of QuintZine with the Quintessential Careers Site Award in recognition of quintessential efforts in helping job-seekers.


February 16, 2004: Future Proof Your Career


Future Proof Your Career


Looking for a great career test or career quiz? Future Proof Your Career is one of a dying breed of free online career assessments. Quintessential Careers has given Future Proof Your Career its "3 Qs" (out of 4) rating.


The Future Proof Your Career (FPYC) career test helps you find fulfilling work and creates a personalized career strategy for you that works with the latest employment trends of the knowledge age.


The career test consists of seven pages of simple questions, in which you locate yourself on a one to 10 scale. It takes most people around 10-12 minutes to complete, although some do the career test much quicker and others prefer to take their time.


Upon completion of the career quiz, you are taken directly to your free FPYC Personal Profile, where a comprehensive report covers your temperament type, three dominant intelligences, six dominant abilities, knowledge worker status, proficiency in the six key Knowledge Age Skills, and preferred learning style. A downloadable interpretive book in PDF format is available for $27.


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