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Quintessential Careers: The Empowering Sites Network


Our network of empowering sites is all about giving power (though information, expert advice, tools, and resources) to people -- students, job-seekers, career-changers, and other interested visitors -- to lead better lives.


Besides Quintessential Careers, the Web's leading career site, our network includes many other empowering sites, such as...


[Learn more about Quintessential Careers.] Sites:
  • My Career Encyclopedia: A comprehensive compendium and compilation of key career, job, job-search, and career-change information, tools, and resources for students and job-seekers.
  • Quintessential Careers Press: An independently-owned e-book and e-zine publisher. The focus of our publications is on college, career, and job-search advice, strategies, and resources.
  • Empowering Job Sites: Designed to help job-seekers find the best jobs in fields related to your career passion. Search jobs, use job search-engine, find career tools.
  • Job Action Day: Highlights annual event on the first Monday in November -- a day of empowerment for workers and job-seekers -- to put your career and job in the forefront, making plans, taking action steps.
  • Quintessential Resumes & Cover Letters: Offering job-seekers the very best and professional resume, CV, and cover letter services to propel your job-search forward!
  • Job and Career Articles: Find the best collection of free, professionally-written, career, job, employment, work, and education articles -- full of expert advice for job-seekers, career-changers, college and graduate students.
  • Job and Career Samples: Find a great collection of free, professionally-developed career, job, employment, work samples and examples for job-seekers -- including resume samples, job letter samples, interviewing samples, more.
  • Job and Career Tests: Find a collection of free, professionally-developed career, job, employment, work, and education tests and assessments for job-seekers, career-changers, college and graduate students.
  • Job and Career Tutorials: Find a collection of free, professionally-developed career, job, employment, work, and education tutorials for job-seekers, career-changers, college and graduate students.
  • The Career Doctor: Empowering job-seekers to conquer college, career, and job-search ailments.
  • Relates Quintessential Careers stories, detailing the Web's empowering career development and job site for all job-seekers.
  • AStoriedCareer: Blog that explores intersections/synthesis among various forms of applied storytelling, including organizational storytelling, storytelling for identity construction, and storytelling for job search and career advancement.
  • Designed to empower college students to study better and achieve greater academic and career success.
  • Where visitors are empowered to improve writing skills -- including all the indispensable writing resources on the Web and in print.
  • Dedicated to helping you build your vocabulary and word power -- for personal, professional, career, or educational (test-prep) success!
  • About empowering individuals and businesses, providing powerful and proven marketing and SEO insights, tools, links to boost your success.
  • Provides visitors with everything needed to live a better, healthier, and happier life... inspirational tools you can use to mend your body, mind, and spirit.
  • A site that celebrates the transformative nature of our state and national parks, forests, lakes, rivers, and all open spaces.
  • Designed as a resource site for people interested in learning about the operations of a small woodland farm.



Maximize your career and job-search knowledge and skills! Take advantage of The Quintessential Careers Content Index, which enables site visitors to locate articles, tutorials, quizzes, and worksheets in 35 career, college, job-search topic areas.



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